– It made me think

– It made me think

Photo: Bjorn S. Dilipik/VG

The Mongols must have climbed without oxygen. Luke says the news is sad, but motivation is still very high.

These days, Frank Locke is on his way to the summit of Mount Everest, without oxygen.

Follow Frank Locke's journey here.

A news story Tuesday underscores how dangerous it is to climb the mountain.

Several media outlets reported that two Mongolian mountaineers have been missing for two days. according to Web Explorer They left the fourth camp on Sunday, which is the last camp before the summit.

The two reportedly had plans to reach the summit on Monday morning, but did not contact base camp again, and climbed without oxygen.

A photo taken by a drone shows Mount Everest and the base camp on April 30, 2024. Photo: SEVEN SUMMIT TREKS / Reuters

At 4pm on Tuesday, VG contacted Løke about the message. He says the news is very sad, and that the Mongols were part of his team.

-They seemed strong and well experienced. It got me thinking.

– In which way?

– This will be very difficult. I have to listen to everything the Sherpa says. In addition, we must have the gods of mountains and weather on our side.

And with every passing hour, the chance of finding them alive diminishes, he writes further.

– Since they were on our team and two out of three were trying without oxygen, we had the opportunity to talk early about this expedition.

Locke says motivation is very high now. The plan is to go straight to Camp 2 tomorrow evening. The goal is to stand on top of Mount Everest on May 20.

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Explorers Web wrote that there were several mountaineers who had planned to reach the summit on Tuesday, but that had to be canceled due to strong winds.

Locke's starting shot was also supposed to start on Tuesday, but was also postponed due to wind. You can follow the journey here.

How dangerous is climbing Mount Everest? Read more here.

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