It may take several months before he is crowned – VG

It may take several months before he is crowned - VG
A king without a crown: He is a king, but Charles must wait at least several months before he is crowned.

The moment Queen Elizabeth died, he became king. But Charles will have to wait until spring or early summer before he is crowned king.


But then he is far ahead of his mother, who had to wait 14 months before being officially crowned in 1953. At the age of 73, he also became King Charles III the biggest that culminated in British history.

Queen Elizabeth was buried on Monday. 2,000 guests, including royals and heads of state from large parts of the world, followed the farewell ceremony closely at Westminster Abbey. King Charles clearly marked the seriousness of this moment – and he had a salute written on the coffin.

Queen Elizabeth alternated between staying at Buckingham Palace, Balmoral, and Windsor Castle. But where will King Charles settle?

It’s unlikely that Charles would use Balmoral, which he indicated he wanted To turn it into a museum. In addition to I have already notified That large portions of the staff at his current residence, Clarence House, may become redundant.

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Here, Prince George and Princess Charlotte escort their great-grandmother to the grave

Prince William and Princess Kate’s eldest sons were in the court during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

King Charles is expected to be based at Buckingham Palace. He is known to regard this as an important symbol of the British monarchy. Watchman.

But at the same time, the newspaper reports that Buckingham Palace is currently being renovated at a tidy sum of NOK 3.6 billion and will not be completed until 2027.

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“It may mean that Charles and Camilla are putting off this step, but where will they get to next?” The guard writes.

More changes

Small but not significant changes have already been made, such as changing the text of the national anthem to “God Save the King”. The Royal Mail no longer prints stamps bearing the image of Queen Elizabeth. Both banknotes and coins will be equipped with the image of the new king.

Yes, even ketchup bottle Other products bearing the text “Appointment in Her Majesty the Queen” must now be renewed.

While King Charles was previously able to engage in a number of matters of a political nature, such as the climate crisis, requiring the Constitution That as a king he must be politically neutral.

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The funeral breaks all records

On Monday, half of the world’s population will attend Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

to me financial times It is by no means taken for granted that his kingdom was as large as that which his mother ruled. The paper claims, among other things, that there is a lot of uncertainty as to what is happening with both Northern Ireland and Scotland.

His official title may eventually become ‘King of England and Wales’, the newspaper wrote.

– Property evolved into a system of welfare property, where the main tasks consisted of cutting the ropes, opening hospitals, and making people happy and pleased. Lord Peter Hennessy, an expert on the English constitution in the Financial Times, says the royal family is adept at it.

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Before the queen’s death, the “inner circle” of the royal family consisted of 23 tons Right of succession to the throne. Many adults also had assignments related to their place in the succession line – and they were also given a short term.

One of the most significant changes King Charles is expected to make is to reduce the “royal family” to seven “hardworking” members, including himself, Queen Camilla, Prince William and his wife Kate, as well as his brother Prince Edward, Duke of Wessex and his famous wife Sophie, Duchess of Wessex. . Princess Anne, the king’s sister, is also part of this team. But this was in The cards in front of the queen Die.

– Author and royal house expert Angela Levine said he simply wanted them to work for the money they get from taxpayers. Interview In April 2021.

“But even if everyone in this inner circle were to represent the royal house in the future, it is likely that Charles would eventually want to focus attention on himself,” wrote Camilla, William and Kate. from the inside.

Charles Andrew: Then Prince Charles and his brother Prince Andrew at the funeral of their father Prince Philip in April 2021.

But there may also be several reasons why King Charles would want a smaller family. He must be very concerned about the reputation of the royal family. According to an article in times Not least about the king’s brother, Prince Andrew and Scandals related to his relationship The late rapist Jeffrey Epstein. The prince who was considered the favorite son of the Queen and like her for a long time Hold his protective handcertainly not part of the new king’s inner circle.

The British media also referred to the financial aspect of the royal house operation. By reducing the number of “workers” in the royal house, there will also be fewer members that the royal family will have to support financially.

Already in 2020, according to Forbes magazine, the financial advisors of the royal family will announce a deficit of 450 million Norwegian kroner. Without it being appropriate to demand more money from the taxpayer.

from the inside He also writes that there is a possibility that King Charles would do what King Carl Gustaf of Sweden did and prevent most of his descendants from using the title HRH.

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