It shouldn’t be necessary for more and more elderly people to live in the same room

It shouldn't be necessary for more and more elderly people to live in the same room

A scary development for elderly care in Milhouse.

– That the municipality since 2017 has used approx. Milhouse High Council says daily fines of NOK 10 million for not having the ability to get patients ready to be discharged from St Olafs Hospital is really scary.
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Push the elderly into a double room – a closed ward must be opened in the nursing home

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Statement on the care of the elderly in the municipality of Mulhouse

The Millhouse Council on the Elderly views with great concern the development of elderly care as it is currently under development in the municipality of Milhouse.

It should not be necessary to move more and more elderly people into a two-room section as it is now. That the municipality since 2017 has used approx. The daily fines of NOK 10 million for not being able to bring patients who are ready to be discharged from St Olaf Hospital is really scary.

The same also applies to the fact that the Bowen Health and Welfare Center has had space for several years when we think about the situation the municipality is going through right now. The Council of Seniors considers the decision to use these rooms as normal as now, and will submit two proposals to the Municipal Council of Malhos, which we take for granted, will be followed up by a unanimous decision in the Presidency. and the Municipal Council.

The capacity available at Bowen Health and Care Center should not only be used temporarily as an emergency solution, but should be used on a permanent basis.

2. The Milhouse Council of Seniors is also demanding that at least 10 per cent of last year’s profits in Milhouse municipality be used to improve elderly care based on the day-to-day problems that the municipality is experiencing today. The elderly have a clear right to obtain the financial resources necessary to avoid what is happening in the municipality of Milhouse today.

Received nearly 10 million kronor in daily fines from the hospital

3.1 million fines paid – hospital emergency department

Opening an empty ward in a nursing home costs millions

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