– It was tough – VG

- It was tough - VG
UPCOM: Heidi Weng was one of those who cheered the loudest three miles away in Holmenkollen.

HOLMENEKEN (VG) Heidi Wing was melted in tears after three miles. In the end zone, she waited a long time for her teammate Anne Kjersti Kalvå. But she never showed up.


Wing and Calfa spoiled the Beijing Olympics by the coronavirus about to leave. Both were injured in Caesar’s Pain when the national team prepared for the tournament in China and were isolated for ten days.

Now Weng says her classmate was too crucial for her to get past the blast. The past few weeks have been painful for Wing.

– We’ve taken the same road for the past two months. It was tough. It was difficult to stay in quarantine for ten days and not go home. Owning an “AK” there was my salvation. We’ve tried the same thing. Without it, Wing tells VG, it would have been terrible.

Wing is keen to point out that the coronavirus, skiing across the country, is trivial compared to the war in Ukraine. In the end zone, I stood for several minutes in search of Kalvå.

Had to break it: Anne Kirsty Calva.

But she had to run three miles in Holmenkollen because her body had not yet recovered properly after the virus. While Wong commented well and went to 10th.

– I think it was fun to join in three rounds. In my head it should not work. I’ve had insanely good skates, and only since last weekend have I made big strides. 22 kilometers out of the 30 kilometers was very good. I didn’t think so, says Wong.

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Helen Marie Vossholm cut short the season and provided fluids to runners at Holmenkollen.

Heidi made me crazy today. The past month has been hell for her, I’ve talked a lot with Heidi. It’s totally unbelievable what she’s been through, Vossholm says.

While Weng was very pleased with his race, there was no doubt that most of the focus was on The last race for Teresa Juhaug in Colline.

– It’s so sad that she gives up. The old gang is getting thinner. I joined the teams as it was a very high standard. I learned a lot from Therese, Marit Bjorgen and the rest of that gang. They skated incredibly well and helped me get to where I am today, says Wing.

Now the responsibility on the shoulders of the 30-year-old is increasing.

Many are concerned about the future of Norwegian women’s cross-country skiing without johs. Wing thinks this is happening in waves, and isn’t worried.

– It goes up and down. In 2011, the status of the women stabilized, before the Germans won the most. At the same time, there was talk that only Peter Northough performed among the boys. The girl’s level had been very high for many years. But it rises and falls. Wing says, I’m not worried about what’s going to happen.

In the post-race press conference, Johaug was asked about a possible coaching role:

Among those who impressed on Saturday was 25-year-old Marti Skanez, who finished eighth, the best race of her career so far. While Hedda Ostberg Amundsen (23) came in 20th place.

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– that was awesome. I’ve seen people I’ve seen a lot on TV, which means a lot and is a sign that I’ve taken steps. Now, I hope to strengthen my position, says Skanez to VG and is considering making a move to the national team.

– Therese is a big loss. We were hoping we’d be a little closer before she gave up, but we’ll fight our way to the top, says Skanez.

Happy Day: Marty Skanez.
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