It will finally be possible

It will finally be possible

It's easy to make mistakes when typing on a mobile phone screen, and most of us have probably sent a message containing a typo.

Now Snapchat has finally launched a function that allows you to edit messages after sending them the edge.

The first to use Snapchat+

However, the editing feature has a short window: you can only edit the message within five minutes of sending it, and the recipient may not have opened it either.

Finally you can do it

According to Snap, initially, only Snapchat+ subscribers will have access to this feature. This is a paid subscription that costs NOK 44 per month (on iPhone) or NOK 349 per year. Snape announced newly Snapchat+ has 9 million users.

It's not yet known when the editing feature will be available to everyone, but the company has said it will be coming.

Recently, Facebook (Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp) and Apple (WhatsApp) have both launched editing functions for their messaging services. According to The Verge, Google is also working on this issue in Android.

This is how you sneak

This is how you sneak

More news

Snapchat is also getting a number of other new features that don't require a paid subscription, including updated emoji interactions, the ability to use the My AI Assistant to create reminders as well as creating AI-generated costumes for your Bitmoji characters.

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