It will launch four electric cars in the next five years

It will launch four electric cars in the next five years

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(Elbil24): Japan’s Mitsubishi was actually among the first manufacturers to deliver electric vehicles to Norwegian motorists. About 4,000 of her compact I-Miev models have been sold, and if you just need a compact drive, there are many items for sale in Finn that usually cost between NOK 30-50,000.

But it’s actually the only electric Mitsubishi that you’ll find on Norwegian roads.

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He puts over 100 billion on the table

Now the company is announcing great investment readiness to make electric cars in the future. CEO Takao Kato recently revealed the company’s plans, which include investing NOK 110-140 billion in research and development, as well as facilities to develop electric vehicles by 2030.

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- It's almost hard to drive wrong

– It’s almost hard to drive wrong

In total, there are nine rechargeable products that will be produced over the next five years, four of which are fully electric.

Judging by the Mitsubishi roadmap, it looks like they are

With Mitsubishi’s roadmap, it looks like an “alliance” of Renault and Nissan that will be the first electric cars to arrive – in 2025. Photo: Mitsubishi
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2 + 2 electric cars

Among its fully and completely battery-powered vehicles (BEV), the company has revealed that it will launch a five-seat pickup and SUV.

Through the alliance partners (Nissan and Renault), two more cars will be launched. Based on the plans in the graphic above, it looks like these are the cars that will see the light of day first.

Just over ten percent of the budget will be used to secure an annual supply of 15 gigawatt-hours (15 million kWh) of battery capacity. By 2030, half of the company’s turnover should be electric vehicles.

(via InsideEVs)

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