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BankID on mobile was a revolution when it came out in 2009, but people now expect a simpler bank ID than they have today, says Jan Bjerv at BankAxept BankAxept.

He assures that BankID on the mobile will therefore be removed and replaced with other applications.

Users must be able to use files fingerprints Sign in with your face, thumb, or pin in most cases.

When signing agreements and situations that require additional security, you should still use a personal password, Bjerv explains.

Jan Bjerd is Head of Identity at BankID BankAxept.

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Likely to happen next year

While you currently spend about 30 seconds logging in with BankID, the new solution will only take less than 10 seconds.

The new, fast BankID service will make everyday life easier for our users, says Bjerv.

He assures that the phase-out of BankID on mobile will not happen overnight.

– It will be phased out so as to ensure users make the transition as good as possible.

Bjerv says it has not yet been decided when BankID will be phased out on mobile, but several sources that NRK has been talking about say it is likely within 2023.

Bank ID on mobile password.

The two random words that you get when using a bank ID on a mobile phone are familiar to most of the people.

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Change can be difficult

For many, this will mean that they will have to download and set up a new application for services where BankID has previously been used on the mobile phone.

Bank manager Line Aasgaard at Nordea Kristiansand believes the change could be difficult for some consumers.

Everything new can be a challenge to some. Although it is a simple solution compared to BankID on mobile. Learning new methods can be considered stressful and stressful, Aasgaard says.

Nordea is among several banks that have already created their own BankID solution.

Line Aasgaard, bank manager at Nordea in Kristiansand.

Line Aasgaard, bank manager at Nordea in Kristiansand, believes phasing out BankID on mobile could be a difficult change for many customers.

Photo: Ada Drevdal Bjøranger / NRK

ancient technology

The reason for canceling BankID on mobile is because the technology is considered old-fashioned.

It relies on a physical SIM card in the phone and SMS service to receive the message with two reference words that most people know.


What is BankID?

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Used by all banks

  • BankID is an electronic identification and signature online.
  • BankID is used by all banks in the country, and can be used by all businesses that want secure and easy identification online.
  • In Norway, there are a total of 4.3 million users of BankID.

Came in 2004

  • Work on the development of BankID as a common infrastructure began in 2000, and in 2004 the first customers acquired BankID.
  • In 2014, BankID Norge AS was established to take charge of communication, branding, operation, development and sales to user sites.
  • On average, we use BankID 220 times a year.

Source: BankID BankAxept

Came in 2009

  • BankID was launched on mobile in Norway in 2009 and now has 2.4 million users.

Many mobile carriers are moving away from physical SIM cards. After that, it will no longer be possible to use BankID on a mobile phone as it is today, says department head Svein Scheie in the National Communications Authority’s (NKOM) security department.

Unlike Aasgaard in Nordea, he believes the transition will not be felt by most consumers.

More prepared for threats

Scheie stresses that the BankID solution on mobile as it is today is secure, but that the new solution will be better equipped for the future.

Technology and threats are evolving. In the long run, this would be at least as safe if not a safer solution, he says.

Even if BankID on mobile is phased out, the “normal” BankID chip with a six-digit code will not disappear.

The chip and password will still be there for whoever uses it, Scheie says.

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