Italy: Hundreds evacuated due to fire around a hotel

Hundreds of residents and tourists are stranded around Italy due to the fire Adria-Compomerino’s community was brought out of its shelter. Authorities evacuated hotels, camps and homes by sea in Compomarino Lido on Sunday, according to the fire brigade in the evening. More than 400 were evicted from their homes. In the video of the fire brigade, you can see the thick smoke billowing from the streets and the flames of a cafe burning through the bushes. Photos showed the fire near the houses.

The fire department said a firefighting aircraft and helicopter were used to extinguish the fire from the air. Firefighters tried to put out the fire on the ground. Campomarino is located on a small area called Moski on the Adriatic coast, about 100 kilometers south of Pescara. The fire brigade initially reported no injuries.

In southern Italy and the larger islands Sicily And Sardinia The wildfire has been spreading for several days. Heat, drought and wind cause flames to spread quickly. Many of those caught in the blaze are suspected to have had a fire accident. Even In Greece And In Turkey Great fire irritation.

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