Italy: Storms of Violence! “Water avalanche” destroys cities – people are cut off from the outside world

Italy: Storms of Violence!  “Water avalanche” destroys cities – people are cut off from the outside world
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Storms are raging in northern Italy. After hail and flooding, landslides occurred in Lake Como. Firefighters must protect people from homes.

Brianno – Germany was hit by heavy rain with a significant force. Even Italy ExtremeVetter Has been affected. It has been raining heavily and hail for several weeks. In the popular holiday area of ​​Lake Como, heavy rains have now cut off numerous residents from the outside world. A landslide on the west bank of the lake spilled an expressway. The fire brigade announced Tuesday (27.7) that he had isolated about 50 people in the city of Bryanno.

The landslide also caused a gas leak in Briano. Residents were not allowed to leave their homes. A resident said the water initially collected later flooded the village. “It was like an avalanche. The whole city was destroyed, ”he was quoted as saying ntv. A resident of one of the devastated cities says he has not yet seen the mayor. You are alone with disaster.

Numerous rescue operations have been carried out around Lake Como due to the storm in Italy. Here an old woman had to be rescued from her home.

© Fire Brigade / DBA

Ongoing rescue and rescue missions by firefighters. In the affected area, emergency services had to rescue an elderly woman who was trapped there from her home. Two more houses were evacuated.

Storm in northern Italy: Heavy rain – 60 rescued in Lake Como

This is not just Briano. Other parts of Lake Como were also affected by the heavy rains, according to Ansa News Agency. Italian firefighters had to carry out more than 60 rescue operations on the lake, according to media reports. The city of Chernobyl, especially on the lake, was hit by storms and flooding. The rain left numerous ruins all over the city and pictures were shown on the site. Initially, no injuries were reported. The Civil Defense Commission spoke of severe storms, which moved mainly towards Lombardy.

At Brianno in Lake Como, 50 people have been cut off from the outside world due to a landslide.

© Fire Brigade / DBA

Storm in northern Italy: Hail and storm for more than two weeks – District Administrator warns urgently

Already in the last two weeks north of Italy Storm And rain people have been affected. A “super cell” erupted in Lake Carda, and some had to flee. In addition, a hailstorm halted traffic between Milan and Burma. Numerous cars were destroyed.

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Occasional storms and floods occurred in South Tyrol. So provincial councilor Arnold Schuler, who sits in the South Tyrolean state parliament, was quoted on Tuesday (27.7) as warning people again that there would be thunderstorms. Rainfall is often very local, which is why particular caution is required during thunderstorms. “We saw from the situation in our neighbors Germany and Austria how quickly the situation could get out of control,” Schuler said. (chd mit dpa)

Rubricklistenbuild: © Fire Brigade / DBA.

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