It’s about destroying me as a human

It's about destroying me as a human

This afternoon, he’s standing alongside ski chief Eric Rosti to highlight the opening of the Fageråsen jumping facility in Mo i Rana.

Tomorrow afternoon, Bråthen will likely receive a message from Røste and the rest of management that they want to fire him at the planned discussion meeting.

Because the jump manager is mentally prepared for dismissal to actually come on Thursday.

– I googled what a discussion meeting is. Then I know it has to do with my working relationship, and what might happen to her in the future.

– Do you think you will be fired?

I choose to take it as is, so I may have to link to it when it is available, says Bråthen.

Very uncomfortable

Shortly after TV 2 first revealed that Bråthen was unpopular as a jump manager, The Norwegian Ski Association has stepped up its work to prepare for a possible separation for Prathin.

At the beginning of this process, a note was made that was initially intended as an internal document for the management and attorneys of the Ski Association.

Bråthen and his attorneys gained access to this document. But after the content was leaked to VG, sharing the class issue content has already become a public issue.

Annoyed Bråthen stubbornly states that neither he nor his supporters are behind the leak to the media.

– I think it’s very uncomfortable. First and foremost, the Ski Association chose to create such a document that relates only to my destruction as an employee and as a human being. It’s also getting lost, Bråthen says, I think, too difficult.

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The document contains allegations that Bråthen described Ingvild Secretary General Bretten Berg as a “pussy”. In addition, he allegedly referred to the members of the jump committee as “helpful idiots.”

– If you must use the famous F-word. Why is he coming now?

– First of all, I didn’t use the f-word. Why does he come now, others must answer for him. Bråthen says he has never been raised directly with me in the so-called personnel case that begins on September 3, 2020.

– He didn’t bring this up with me once. It came in a document that became available to me. I was totally stunned, almost shocked when I saw her.

The Skating Association’s communications director, Espen Graf, is the source of the claim in the report that Bråthen should have called the general secretary “Kuss”.

TV 2 knows that this so-called wording has long been a big talking point both internally in the skating association, and in the snowboarding community.

Bråthen categorically never said this to his colleague.

– that people I have experienced as good fellows make such claims about me, and it disappoints me. If one has to go through an unconscious moment, completely lose it, and say something, the correction does not come there, and then or in the near future it may be at the expense of the person.

But for now, Espen Graf is choosing to remain silent about the allegations he made.

I refer to the scheduled discussion meeting between the two parties, and I don’t want to say anything before that, says Graf to TV 2.

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More is coming

But the documents leaked in VG are just an introduction to what Bråthen encountered. TV 2 knows that the Norwegian Ski Association has prepared a more comprehensive report on what they believe are problems with his person. These will be presented for the first time in a discussion session on Thursday.

Bråthen himself is ready for a great shock to come of him.

There is nothing to suggest anything other than that. I don’t know if you are collecting things for this meeting or for use elsewhere. When you have such a big doc on how to get them kicked out of me. Then there is no doubt what the purpose of the document is. No need to speculate about it, it says on the first page.

The family suffered the most

The jump manager plans to have his wife with him at the discussion meeting on Thursday. The case, which has rocked the media since August 17, has left deep traces in the family.

This is the most important place in Bråthen to deal with the Norwegian Ski Association.

In several press releases and statements, Bråthen is mentioned as a person with “A confrontational and unacceptable form of communication and behavior has led to unrest, insecurity and an unsustainable situation.”

He believes this has created an unsustainable situation for his family. Because he feels that a description of his personality does not match reality.

“The family has always been willing to sacrifice holidays and other things because I was able to do the job that I love so much, so I think that’s very painful on their behalf,” he says.

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– and again. I cannot understand what they did, or did to deserve this treatment. It is hard to understand that the sacrifices they made were not treated with greater dignity.

– Flawless

At the same time, Bråthen criticizes himself for having ended up in this situation. He realizes that he could have said and done things differently in some situations.

There may have been things that should have been said and done differently. I am not flawless in any way. But I can’t think of any major event where I can say things should have been done differently. Not off. Anyway, my motivation has always been to do things for the best for the sport of jumping and the athletes I work for.

Has this become such a high stakes game that you only end up with losers?

– I can’t see any winners in the case. But for me, this is not a game. It’s a match for a sport that I love so much. I’m not doing this on my part. It would have been very shocking, says Prathen.

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