It's bathing temperature in Oslo

It's bathing temperature in Oslo

On Monday afternoon, the Sorenga Baths in Oslo measured 20 degrees, according to Yr's website.

– That can't be right!

A member of the 2nd Pentecost press of VG said.

– I've been swimming lately and it can't be right, continued the confident man in his prime.

VG took matters into their own hands.

Without a bathing thermometer, but with high hopes of finding one, two VG staff ventured into the capital's most famous bathing spot.

– That sounds like a lot

In Sorenga, the VG dispatchers could not find a thermometer.

But we see many people who have bathed.

– It says the water is 20 degrees that day?

– It seems like a lot, says Jacob (19), wearing swimming shorts. He is supported by his friend Axel (18).

– Do you believe it?

– Not completely.

OK, but can you really trust some of the boys who have reached legal age? After all, they have almost no life experience.

Carlos Incas (59) enjoys the spring sun and summer temperatures in Sorenga. Photo: Haljir Vagines / V.G

Everyone in Sorenga says the same thing. Carlos Incas (59) believes it could be up to 20 degrees, but he's used to swimming in winter, so he thinks it's more than ten degrees.

VG's reporter says it should also be below 20 degrees:

Viji's Correspondent Conclusion: – New. I don't buy that it's 20 degrees. Photo: Haljir Vagines / V.G

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The hunt continues

Whatever people think, that's all well and good, but we need a more concrete answer!

The trip goes back inland from Sorenga. Down the road towards the Opera House is the Oslo Sauna Association, and it turns out they don't have a bath thermometer!

We excitedly scan the QR code. Then the summary will appear on the mobile screen:

Bathing temperature at Sukkurbiten in Oslo (which is a few hundred meters from Sorenga). Photo: Haljir Vagines / V.G

2.4 degrees cooler than predicted for the year. How can this be?

This is how meteorologists explain this discrepancy

– We have now measured that there is a 2.4 degree difference between what is written in the year and what is in reality. What do you have to say in your defense, State Meteorologist Saralambos Sarkosidis?

– Hehe, it's probably not the meteorological agency that measures the water temperature, ie.

Ordinary people, without bath temperature measurement expertise, enter these numbers. A kind of thermometer works without the expert guidance of Yr.

– Do you think there are many people recording temperatures that are a bit thick? Isn't it 20 degrees today?

– I don't think they are lying, but if there is a thermometer on the surface, the sun can shine on the thermometer. The perfect thing, says Sarkositis, is that it should go some distance into the water.

The meteorologist fled from the cold

Although we're not up to 20 degrees, meteorologist Sarkosidis says temperatures in the Oslofjord will be warmer than normal for May. Against nature, that is.

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He himself traveled from Tromsø to the capital, where on Pentecost 2nd, heavy snow fell at the Alfheim stadium when Tromsø faced Rosenborg. The meteorologist has his swimming trunks on.

– I prefer to take a bath in Sognsvan or the city center. “My limit is 18 degrees, I think we'll cross that soon,” says Sarkosidis.

Can throw a scarf: meteorologist Charalambos Sarkosidis thinks Tromsø is great – and bitterly cold. Photo: Private

– Did you move from Tromsø because of the weather?

– It was a factor. Sarkosidis says the snow was plentiful around June.

If you're so keen on swimming that you think the water is too cold, the meterologist has good news.

There's little sign of the summer heat slowing down anytime soon – and so bathing temperatures will continue to rise.

– Water takes longer to heat than air. On Thursday, we can see 20 degrees in lakes and small bays.

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