May 29, 2023


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- It's not about "mo" - VG

– It’s not about “mo” – VG

Not this time: Mohamed Salah should have earned the ‘silver medal’ after the end of the Champions League

Saint-Denis (VG) (Liverpool-Real Madrid 0-1) ‘knocked out’ the previous final against Real Madrid, and this time it was some relentless long guns that stopped Mohamed Salah (29).


But unlike the fist that grabbed former Real Madrid stopper Sergio Ramos on Salah and sent him injured and cried from the Olympic Stadium in Kyiv during the Champions Final. Four years agoNo one can accuse Thibaut Courtois of theft in Saint-Denis Saturday night.

was belgian for Good for Salah for years among the best players in the world. Eight out of eight chances for Liverpool have been stopped by the two-meter-tall man from Genk. Heading to the right and to the left – and with arms, legs and a trump skull, Courtois only avoided six pure chances from Liverpool’s sovereign Egyptians.

He thus never avenged the same club’s final loss in 2018, and instead Liverpool had to repeat the 2001 company with three titles (two in the Cup and one in Europe).

– might happen. To be honest, it was a world class rescue. The goalkeeper was a genius and was named the best player on the track, and that says a lot about the match. It’s not about ‘Mo’, it’s about us as a team, and today unfortunately we couldn’t score, Jordan Henderson on VG answers questions about how the best player on the team can have so many chances without getting the ball into the net.

Over time, Liverpool became extreme in approaching the World Cup finals under the leadership of Jurgen Klopp, and he even had the winning goal of Vinicius Juniors at the Stade de France, who played more than four and a half finals without a return. But at the opposite end, too, the scouts cooked cakes. The three finals in 2022 – which resulted in two titles and one loss – ended without goals for Liverpool.

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With the exception of the 5-2 victory over Borussia Dortmund over Bayern in 2012 and the 2-0 victory over Tottenham in 2019, Klopp’s team has not scored in the coach’s 12 finals with only zero or one goal.

– They scored goals, but we didn’t. This is the simplest explanation in the world of football. Difficult to bear, but we must respect him. And the goalkeeper is the best on the pitch, as Jürgen Klopp points out at the press conference at the Stade de France after midnight.

He highlighted three great chances and I think they are all world-class saves by Real Madrid. He noted that it was about “an inch” in position as Salah was muffled with his velvet foot, passed the pass past Ferland Mendy and shot with his right foot toward the far corner. But even there, Courtois received his body on the ball.

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– We know how many times Mo scores in those situations. Klopp thinks it’s a one-of-a-kind rescue.

Rejected: Mohamed Salah moved from Farland Mendy after that

The Liverpool players came in black and split one by one through the press area. Mohamed Salah never showed up to talk about recent mistakes. In recent months, he became the champion of the League Cup and the FA Cup, but he also lost the final of the African Championship on penalties, smoking for the English Premier League title in the last round of the series and now the final of the Champions League.

Captain Henderson vowed to convey the sentiments from the locker room.

It’s still hard to take her inside, how did the match go in the end? It’s hard to talk about. We had three or four very good chances, but Kurtos saved the ball from a world class level. Hopefully we get a good break to process what’s happened this season,” Henderson sums up.

– I think maybe the most important thing was Mane, as I managed to hit him in the post, it was really hard. I had to ‘push’ and use 2m to get there and had to turn fast to catch back, man of the day answers Courtois at the press conference about which of his nine rescues were technically the best.

After that, he entered the press area in a suit, but like all his teammates, he also wore a Real Madrid shirt with the number 14 on the back. The number 14 of the European specialist was to be placed in the Cup Winners’ Cup / Champions League.

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It was created in an exciting way, even for a real giant. The club opened the tournament at home with a 1-2 break for Sherif of Moldova Tiraspol in the group stage and then chased down opponents during the quarter-finals (total 3-2 against PSG), the quarter-finals (5-4 against PSG). Chelsea) and the semi-finals (6-5 against Manchester City).

No wonder David Alaba allowed himself to decorate the Real Madrid kit by tying a black tie on the collar. While Luka Modric spent a lot of time in interviews, even the daughter finally walked in and asked her dad to stop working, Toni Kroos smiled in German while the sons waited patiently in the background.

Along with clearing player Casemiro (30), Kroos (32) and Modric (36) have made up the midfield during Real Madrid’s last four finals. All he won. But it is questionable whether the road to the cup is ever longer this year – with hesitant knockout rounds and a final where Liverpool have done everything but score.

– I have doubts, but not the players. Players believe, believe, believe. Tactically we play very well. We put Liverpool under pressure and got a lot of shots, but we are handling it well, Carlo Ancelotti said in the press conference if he ever doubted whether he would win his 14th title in the 17th most famous European Cup.

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