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Carl Henrik Bache og kona Anette Forsén Bache går i land fra båten.

Maybe this is the last time.

Carl Henrik Bache has suffered from MS for 30 years, during which time he has driven a boat to a cabin on an island in the Kragerau Archipelago.

Now he has to bring both a cane and a wheelchair and get help from his wife to get to the shore.

It works in a way, but is difficult and unsafe. At all times, they must keep an eye out for boats making waves.

Many times he has drowned involuntarily.

Soon it won’t work.

– A little sad if we can’t get here because we don’t have a better solution for going ashore. I have obtained permission from the municipality to build a road up to Dwaram. What would I do on the way down if I didn’t make it to shore? Carl Henrik Bache says.

“L” is required

While the family has applied to build a wheelchair-accessible road, Bache has also applied for permission to temporarily construct a floating jetty that floats the tide.

A cast walkway from the jetty makes access to the cabin easy.

Photo: Gry Eirin Skjelbred / NRK

They believe that by placing two floating piers at an L from the ship on land, the boat will be protected from waves inside and safe to go ashore.

They believe this is the best solution.

But the state administrator believes the move is too broad and violates the building ban in the coastal zone.

Grethe Helgås, Director, Department of Environmental Protection, State Administrator at Westfold and Telemark

This floating jetty is unfortunate in terms of terrain, says state administrator Creith Helgas.

Photo: Gry Eirin Skjelbred / NRK

– Further privatization of the coastal zone

– An application has been made for a new jetty of over 40 m², with an additional 60 m² jetty. Greith Helkas, Director of Environmental Protection at the State Executive at Westfold and Telemark.

The state administrator also hopes that the case will set a precedent for past and future cases.

They believe floating piers and breakwaters would apply to multiple properties if a dispensation were to be granted, in Graggero and Telemark and elsewhere in Westfold.

– Not too invasive

A coalition of persons with disabilities feels that it should be emphasized that the floating jetty should be a temporary measure.

Secretary-General Lily Ann Elvestad thinks this does not appear to be a very invasive measure in nature and that a solution can be found.

– It is important that people with disabilities have the opportunity to stay in the cabin, be in nature, and actively participate. He says that the society should make more efforts to achieve it in a good way.

Let’s say yes first

The municipality of Kragerø was initially willing to exempt the 100 meter belt along the sea from the strict building ban.

It believed that the floating jetty would not have a negative effect on the overall landscape due to the location and uniqueness of the property.

But later the municipality chose to consult the state administrator and returned.

While the municipality now has to make a decision on the matter, they do not emphasize discretion.

Dag Willien Eriksen, Municipal Director in Kragerø

Municipal Director Doc Willian Erickson said the municipality returned the favor after consulting with the state administrator.

Photo: Gry Eirin Skjelbred / NRK

– There is room for a good deal here, but as a rule there are clear rules about what you can and cannot do. In this case, we have chosen to put discretion aside and follow the regulations that say it is difficult,” says Doc Willian Erickson, municipal director in Kraków.

The municipality does not agree that the floating jetty will have a privatizing effect, but it will be visible to all travelers on the archipelago and will involve a “bit by bit” reduction in the coastal zone.

The Municipality’s Building Affairs Department believes that human considerations apply only in very special cases and are not decisive.

I hope it’s not last summer

It is now in the hands of the politicians. The family hopes this isn’t the last summer Carl Henrik joins the cabin.

The disease already imposes great limitations because the place means so much to them.

– There’s a lot Kale can’t do because of MS. There are many things we wanted to do in the future, but can no longer do. But we can stay in the cabin. Here we can have fun and have a wonderful time, and then not let that happen too? Anette Forsen Bache asks.

Annette Forsen Bache and Carl Henrik Bache want to have a floating jetty that tames the tides.

The Bache couple hopes they can both move to the cabin in the future.

Photo: Gry Eirin Skjelbred / NRK

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