June 10, 2023


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The current sports president, Berit Keol, expressed her dissatisfaction with the statements of Jean-Peter Saltvedt in the past period, which she believes played a clear role in the presidential elections.

It happened shortly after Saltvedt had appeared on stage in Trondheim to discuss the future of the sport.

He described Keul as “the opposition candidate’s campaign leader” as an NRK commentator.

said the sports chief from the stage, or perhaps I should say a PR consultant.

Commentator: Jan Peter Saltvedt at NRK.

Image: Zebek World

In any case, he did not get paid, Zainab Al-Samarrai responded humorously during the presidential debate, and continued:

As she said, I don’t have anyone getting paid, referring to the PR help Keul received before the last election.

The majority of the Elections Committee wants Samurai to be the next sports president.

Saltvit was sitting in the hall when Keol attacked him.

This sounds more like desperation for the early election campaign than anything else. This is such an obvious attempt at show that it is impossible to take it entirely seriously. The criticism of Berit Kjøll’s work as head of sport is about that and nothing else. And I think she knows that very well, he tells NRK and continues:

– The way Beret Kajol acted as a sports president, especially in the last year with the series of lies, she is the best campaign manager of Zainab Al-Samarrai in a special category, not me.

Kegol does not want to elaborate on her criticism of NRK, but says she would like to meet Saltvedt for a debate.

NIF Election Commission

Now the battle begins: there is just over a month left until the presidential election is decided. Beret Kajol (and his back) and Zainab Al-Samarrai are fighting over a position.

Photo: Terje Pedersen/NTB

There is a difference in departments

Earlier in the evening, during another debate, Keul’s presidential candidacy received clear support from handball president Kåre Geir Lio.

There is a difference in departments. It’s clear and obvious that Berit has to keep going.

He talked about the current president Kgul and her rival Samurai.

Dear Gear Leo

Skipetiki: The head of handball is unimpressed by the samurai.

Photo: Stine Løvmo Lie/NRK

Liu says both candidates have been carefully considered. He believes there are “many incredibly good reasons” why Kjøll is the best qualified, and highlights her leadership experience, among others.

According to Lio, they assessed al-Samurai’s political career and positions on boards of directors and other businesses, and weighted it slightly.

Liu said from the stage that she is not qualified for this role now, compared to the other candidate.

Responding to the remarks of the head of handball

Samurai sat alone at the back of the room, listening to Leo’s descriptions of her. The 35-year-old seemed unfazed but smiled as applause erupted from the audience as Lio faced resistance on stage.

Among others, it was championed by Ståle Vaag, head of the Trøndelag Sports Department. He responded to claims that the rival candidate lacked experience, drawing a parallel to head of football Liz Claveness.

– If Zainab was excluded because of his experiences so far in his life, why did the FA choose Liz and not a middle-aged man, Fagg said and called for more “fair play” in the debate.

Ståle Vaag, the leader of the sports circuit in Trøndelag

Replies: Department Director Vaj.

Photo: Stine Løvmo Lie/NRK

Fagg explained to NRK that he didn’t like Leo’s on-stage remarks.

I don’t think about anything, quite simply. He is using his position as president of one of the largest associations we have to talk about a very competent candidate for the presidential election. I don’t think any of that. This is why I encourage Kåre Geir to follow the Handball Federation’s rules, which focus on enthusiasm, respect, commitment and fair play, he says.

Was there a lack of fair play there?

– Yes I think so. I just had to point that out, Fagg replies.

Liu himself believes that he did not speak with the samurai, and that he must have been misunderstood.

– What I wanted to make clear is that Kjøll is definitely the most qualified of the candidates at the table. I think we should be allowed to work for it, against the top of handball.

They suffered from disloyalty

Keul described the Swedish Sports Confederation’s board of directors as a strong team and very competent people. However, she has gone so far as to say that she feels opposed to some of them.

The answer was no, when asked if she had tested loyalty recently.

– I do not hide the fact that she was demanding, Kjøll continued.

Speaking to NRK, she added that leaks and potential disloyalty can sometimes be part of being a leader.

– I feel that the board of directors is professional, and that I have a good relationship with my colleagues on the board. I hope it will be experienced in the opposite way. Someone will definitely encourage Zainab and I’m pretty sure someone will, says Keol on the campaign trail.

– horrifying

Earlier today, it became clear that Senior Vice President Vibeke Sorensen is also not appointed for a new term, just like Keol.

– I must say that they don’t have Vibek Sorensen, the first vice president, when they are hired – it’s scary. It freaked me out a bit that it wasn’t on the list of what was offered to us.

Keul told NRK shortly after she received the minority election commission recommendation ahead of the upcoming presidential election.

Keol gets three votes out of ten members, while the vast majority want Samurai to be the new sports president.

The battle for the position will only be decided at the Sports Council in Bergen at the beginning of June.

Vibecke Sørensen and Berit Kjøll

Not set: Sørensen and Kjøll.

Photo: NTB

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