– I’ve become everyone’s mother – NRK Oslo og Viken – Local news, TV and radio

– I’ve become everyone’s mother – NRK Oslo og Viken – Local news, TV and radio

– Oh, the chocolate spread! Dick, says one of the Russian girls after the first bite of the food packet she was given.

Russetida is in full swing, but between parties, alcohol and other activities, many people forget to eat between rounds.

Many of the Russian mob hadn’t eaten all day. It is already night and they are on their way to meet 10 vans somewhere in Hønefoss.


Stine Frydenlund is known simply as “Russian Mother”. Over the past few hours, he sat at the kitchen table buttering 116 food packages. Each contains four discs. Two with cheese and ham, and two with chocolate spread.

– It was incredibly good. I really appreciate her concern to do this for us, says Carmen Sophie Borgen.

In 2017, when her oldest daughter was drunk, Stine Frydenlund discovered that many people were not eating. Nothing like that can exist in a mother’s heart.

She started giving food packets.

– I became the mother of all, in the end.

Now he has drunk it for the fourth time.

116 food parcels: In the end, more than 450 pieces of bread were buttered.

Photo: Hans-Christian Rangnes / NRK

Food and maintenance

Frydenlund used the night to distribute to anyone who wanted it. Plus, she always starts a conversation.

– It’s food and care in one lunchbox, says the mother of six.

The daughter of “Russian Mom” ​​is happy that her mother takes care of her.

– I think it’s very convenient, says Elida Frydenlund Sveberg.

– How are mom’s food packages?

– They are good, daughter laughs.

Courtesy of the Red Cross

The Red Cross pays tribute to Frydenlund’s efforts.

– We know from our own experience that Russians really appreciate that someone cares. Thomas Evgen, head of the Aid Corps in Drammen, says it is very nice of her.

In the Drammens district, 11 volunteers from the Red Cross were on hand throughout the night to help. They use four wheelers to go to where the Russians are.

Thomas Eugen at the Red Cross

Likes Idea: Thomas Evgen, Red Cross in Tramen.

Photo: Hans-Christian Rangnes / NRK

They often find that Russians forget to eat.

– Evgen says it’s not right to be at the top of the priority list.

But food is important. Gives the body something other than alcohol. This causes alcohol to be absorbed into the bloodstream more slowly, making it easier to control intake.

– This means you can manage the speed you want, says Evgen.

Hope someone gets inspired

Friedenlund will go out again on the night of May 17. She encourages all parents to do the same.

– They give you hope for the future, Friedenlund says of the Russians.

The Russian left for the night with lunch in one hand and a unit of alcohol in the other. They all agree that it’s good to have some food.

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