January 28, 2023


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Jacob Engbrigtsen and Elisabeth Assersson

sports phenomenon Jacob Engbrigtsen (22) Sandnes is in the history books after his victory in the 1,500-meter race at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The 22-year-old continues to impress the entire sporting world, and naturally too Her fiancée, Elisabeth Asserson (23)who can still be seen alongside him during tournaments.

Reverse The newspaper online However, the couple can reveal that this isn’t all they agree on when it comes to Ingebrigtsen’s training techniques.

Pay the union

The disagreement relates to home altitude training, which means the athlete stays in a house or room, also called an elevated house, where you lower the oxygen pressure and simulate that you are at a higher level than you really are.

I was shocked: Jacob Engbrigtsen wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about his older brother’s social media stunt. Video: Lucas/Godot. Clip: Henrik Ingebrigtsen / Instagram
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The Ingebrigtsen family has always been clear about the ban on this technology, and that Norway should remove the ban. In 2021 it was canceled, but Ingebrigtsen still calls for expertise in this field.

There is no doubt that the 22-year-old is invested in high-rise training, and Nettavisen tells of the various possibilities of installing high-rise training opportunities at home.

However, Asserson isn’t excited about bringing home this particular thing.

– She almost has to come to terms with that, I think that’s what drives the party, Ingebrigtsen tells the newspaper with a laugh.

big success: Ingebrigtsen’s girlfriends Elisabeth Assersson and Liva Ingebrigtsen are sent to Bergen to receive a prize if Ingebrigtsen’s team wins a prize. Video: Red Runner
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– If there is a smaller training camp, just do it, Asserson replies quickly.

It’s still something he can’t promise.

– It looks better on the couch

Ingebrigsen and Asserson They were lovers for nearly five years, and already at the age of 18 they became cohabitants. Recently, the family has grown too, after the dogs Maximus and Jupiter moved in.

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Despite the fact that the athletics star’s impressive accomplishments have landed him a place in the spotlight, he can reveal that he feels most comfortable at home with his family.

– I feel more comfortable on the couch, by myself or with Elizabeth and I don’t need to be so social. I don’t necessarily enjoy socializing. It is more necessary. This is where dogs come into the picture, this is the company I need, he says.