Jacob Rydström created an AI version of himself for the podcast 'Sound Connections' – NRK Rogaland – Local News, TV & Radio

Jacob Rydström created an AI version of himself for the podcast 'Sound Connections' – NRK Rogaland – Local News, TV & Radio

– If I saw me with a cat on my lap and taking over the world in the calendar, I would say we have problems, says AI Jake, when asked if AI will take over the world one day.

He may be the first AI program manager in the world who can answer you here and now.

The creator behind the broadcaster?

Founder Jacob Rydstrom.

Wredstrøm and Jake have identical voices and appearance, and soon they will become even more similar.

Like two drops of water

“Maybe this is just a glimpse of the future,” says Fredstrom.

He is the founder and managing director of Amplitude Ventures, a consulting and music studio based in Stavanger.

There he and Jake lead “Sound Connections”, a podcast about the music industry, aimed at musicians and music producers.

Jacob Rydstrom in the studio where the podcast was recorded.

Photo: Anna Aro Lovik/NRK

When the podcast launched, it grew quickly.

It is now the third largest podcast of its kind in the world.

– I created Geek to simplify our work. If I could “clone” myself, we could get a lot done in less time, says Fredstrom.

Consisting of 10 different AI systems, Jake has shortened 25 hours of work to 5.5 hours.

On the podcast, Jake leads off every other episode with news from the music industry, while Rydstrom interviews guests.

AI Jake is one of the presenters of Sound Connections

AI Jake can be found both visually and aurally.

Photo: Anna Aro Lovik/NRK

-We are always thinking about how to make the mission as efficient as possible using AI. In all, we use up to three dozen AI programs in a workday, Fredstrom says.

Fredstrom predicts that within three months, Jake will be a more accurate version of himself.

This way, Jake's answers, humor, and life story will be more similar to who Jacob is in reality. The two will be almost identical.

Will Jake one day take over the entire podcast?

– No, the human element cannot be replaced. “I'd like to believe that the guests I'm interviewing will appreciate having a human speaking to them, just as much as the listeners do,” Fredstrom says.

-You can be easily deceived

– I do not understand that. “I don't understand how you could create something like this,” says Ole Christopher Ertvag.

He and his colleague Per Kjerstad are looking at one of them Podcast episode of Jake (External link).

Together, the actors have the podcast “Psychodrama.”

They admire Fredstrom's innovation, but are skeptical about what the technology can achieve.

Ole Christopher Ertfach and Per Kjerstad

Ole Christopher Ertvag and Per Kjerstad question how AI can be used.

Photo: Anna Aro Lovik/NRK

-I think listeners want a human being when they listen to podcasts. At the same time, it seems so real that it can easily be deceived. As we see here, it's almost impossible to tell the difference, Kjerstad says.

Do you see the difference? The “before” image is the real Jacob Rydstrom, while the “after” image is the AI ​​version.

Anna Aarøe Løvik/NRK and a screenshot from the Sound Connection video on Youtube

– Maybe I feel more threatened as an actor than as a broadcaster. “I am afraid of losing my future jobs,” says Irtfakh.

Kjerstad compares the technological advances to last year's strike in Hollywood.

Then 160,000 representatives went on strike to protest the increasing digitization and use of artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry.

Using the technology used by Wredstrøm, the actor's task can be shortened to a single day.

The presenters of “psychodrama” agree on their position on the use of artificial intelligence.

– Clearly this is something that is here to stay. I personally wouldn't use AI in this way, because I want to be in control and would rather do the work myself, says Irtfakh.

More artificial than human

We throw ourselves away Exploit the new technology, and more people will experiment with AI software managers, says Eric Solheim. Technology Advisor at NRKbeta.

Eric Solheim

Eric Solheim helped start NRKbeta in 2006.

Photo: Erlandsen/NRK

However, Solheim believes that KI will not necessarily control the entire bidder market.

We cannot rely 100% on artificial intelligence, because it may lose something special to us. Norwegian way of speaking, sarcasm, humor and language culture.

Currently, KI's language models are based on large amounts of American content, which will shape KI in the direction of American language and culture.

In NRKbeta, the term “artificial” is used when talking about content generated by artificial intelligence.

One notices that it is not a human being who is speaking, and thus experiences it as artificial. This is something that can be tweaked in the model, but there are some challenges, Solheim says.

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