Jail, Jail Sim | Imprisonment of the lawyer in prison: – Unfortunate

Jail, Jail Sim |  Imprisonment of the lawyer in prison: – Unfortunate

Last week, Stian Milan, defense attorney for a 45-year-old man accused of, among other things, house theft, visited Seim prison in Vestfold for talks with his client.

After the lawyer finished speaking to his client, he rang the bell to alert the prison staff to open it. The only problem is that no one showed up.

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He shouted from the window and knocked on the door

– I knocked on the door, says the lawyer Telemark newspaper Eventually, he says, he also yelled out the window at the prison guard, who had a room outside the visiting room – to no avail.

According to Milland, he and the client sat for over an hour waiting to be closed.

– It’s really funny, he tells the newspaper.

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The warden is flat

Runar Gensrud is a prison warden at Sim Prison. To Telemarksavisa Jensrud that he apologizes for the incident in which Mæland was involved.

It is unfortunate that this happened, he says and continues:

– A technical error has occurred in the communication system. When he called him, the signal had not reached the Home Guard, he told the newspaper.

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