Jakob Ingebrigtsen to be this year’s best in the world

Celebration in the race: Jakob Ingebrigtsen can celebrate victory early in the race.

Jacob Ingbrigtsen ran to first in the 5,000 meters during an athletics competition in California on Saturday night in his first appearance of the season outdoors. He’s also ran well below the restroom requirements and confirms he wants to “double up” in the restroom.


Pre-planned for a speed setting that matches a finish time of 13.10.00, three-and-a-half seconds ahead of WC’s distance requirement. Field also maintained that speed during large parts of the race, before Ingebrigtsen delivered a powerful final raw lap of 54.63sec.

Ingebrigtsen was logged in at the time 13.02.03, which is well below the WC requirement.

It’s also the best year in the world at a distance.

The 21-year-old’s personal record of 5,000m is 12.48.45, but Saturday’s race is a touch off Ingebrigtsen’s second-fastest 5,000m of his career.

Eugene at the US World Championships in July is Ingebrigtsen’s big goal this season, and the tournament has been set up so that there are good chances of sprinting for 1500m and 5000m. The 1500m final is on July 19, while there is an initial 5000m heat two days later and the final on July 24.

Ingebrigtsen confirms that NRK After the race he plans to double in the World Cup.

It is the optimal arrangement for doubling. I like that I can finish the most important thing first and then join the 5,000. I guess, unless I fall and break my leg or stubble my leg, but we can hope it doesn’t, says Ingbrigtsen, who ran the indoor world record of 1,500m at the time. Earlier this year:

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Jacob Ingbrigtsen is the reigning Olympic champion in the 1,500 metres, and he qualifies for that distance in the water. Last year, he ran only 5,000 metres, and that was before the start of the World Cup qualifying period.

– I wasn’t here just for fun, so I have to use the clause for something. Ingebrigtsen tells NRK that there would have been a lot of tension if I hadn’t done it.

The youngest of the Sundance fraternity runners have yet to take home a big water medal in the group’s pool. During the 2019 Doha Championships, he finished fourth in the 1500m and fifth in the 5000m. On his World Cup debut in London two years earlier, he failed to qualify for the 3000m hurdles final.

In the European Championship for the first time in 2018 in Berlin, Ingebrigtsen won both 1500 and 5000 meters.

Captured it as a training session: Henrik Ingebrigtsen tried the 10,000m, but made it heavy early on.

At the same competition in California, older brother Henrik Ingbrigtsen ran the 10,000m, where he was due to make a new attempt to meet the European Championship requirements (28.15.00) of 10,000m. In April, he was just over five seconds away in a competition in BisletThe claim was administered by the three Norwegians Narvi Gilji Nordaus, Magnus Tov Mihri and Abdullah Dahir Rabie.

Then Ingbrigtsen made an attempt to meet the European Championship requirements for 5000 meters (13.24.00) in California last week, but was also there a few seconds behind and clocked in 13.29.92.

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From night to Saturday, Ingebrigtsen was far from meeting the European Championship requirements for the 10,000 metres. The 31-year-old was caught again during the run by winner Zouhair Talbi and finally ran at 28.57.43.

to NRK He says he clearly noticed that the race was very close to the previous race, and that it was “empty on the tank.”

Jacob, Henrik, and Philip Ingbrigtsen recently attended a raised rally in Flagstaff, Arizona. Jakob and Philip Ingbrigtsen are set to participate in the Diamond League in Eugene, which will be held at this year’s World Cup finals later in May. There they will run one English mile (1609 metres).

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