December 1, 2022


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James Corden - blacklisted from the restaurant:

James Corden – blacklisted from the restaurant:

New York (Dagbladet): Keith McNally is himself a very well-known restaurateur in New York. in Posts on Instagram He has a tough showdown with the British comedian, who hosts The Late Late Show on CBS.

James Corden is a very talented comedian, but he’s a little cretin man. And the most abusive client to waiters at Balthazar since the restaurant opened 25 years ago, McNally wrote that he doesn’t often lock people out of his serving places, but now he’s blacklisted Corden.

passionate: Talk show host James Corden breaks down in tears after a conversation with colleague Reggie Watts, in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Video: Red Runner / The Late Show with James Corden
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two examples

He also cited two examples of how he believed Corden had acted. McNally also claims that Corden acted similarly a few years ago when he visited another McNally owned restaurant, Café Luxembourg.

The first example should stem from a visit Corden made to Balthasar in June. After Corden ate his main course, he reportedly told the general manager a hair on the food. Daily Manager J must have tried to apologize for the accident.

– Corden was so bad for G and said “Give us another round of drinks right away. Also give us our other drinks so far for free. This is how you avoid writing bad reviews on Yelp or something,” McNally wrote.

cook: After a Twitter user uploaded this footage from the recording of “Carpool Karaoke” with host James Corden and Justin Bieber, the Internet caught fire. Video: Viaplay / Red Runner
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Egg whites in an omelette

The second incident, in which Corden was denied entry to the famous restaurant, occurred during brunch on October 9. Corden reportedly ate the meal with his wife. I asked for an omelette. Soon after they got their food, Corden waved to the waiter and told them they had found some egg whites mixed with the yolks. The waiter apologized and asked the kitchen to prepare a new dish. Unfortunately, this time the dish was served with potatoes and not salad, as Corden’s wife had requested.

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– Then James Corden started shouting crazily at the waiter: “You don’t know your job! You don’t know your job! Maybe I should go into the kitchen and make an omelette myself!”, according to McNally.

Corden has not yet commented on the accusations, according to Daily Beast.

In April, Corden, best known for, among other things, his features with “carpool karaoke” announced that he would be leaving as talk show host next year after taking the position since 2015.