James Corden has been banned from entering the restaurant

James Corden has been banned from entering the restaurant
In rough weather: comedian James Corden, here in a different context in 2018.

Comedian James Corden, 44, has been denied entry to a New York restaurant. He is now said to have apologized for his behaviour.


The owner of the big-city restaurant Balthazar came out strong against the 44-year-old British comedian on Instagram on Monday.

Restaurant owner Keith McNally wrote on Instagram: “James Corden is a very talented comedian, but an idiot of a person and one of the most rude customers of this restaurant – which opened 25 years ago -”

According to McNally, there are two separate incidents at the restaurant.

On one occasion, Cordan allegedly showed a hair he found while eating his main course. The restaurant manager must have apologized.

McNally wrote: “Corden was so rude and said, ‘Give us another round of drinks right now and make up for all our drinks so far.

In the second incident, which supposedly happened earlier in October, Corden was said to have told staff that his wife had gotten some egg whites in an omelette that was supposed to consist only of egg yolks.

– The kitchen prepared the dish again, but unfortunately managed to send it with potatoes instead of salad. Cordon then starts shouting like crazy at the waiter: “You don’t know your job! You don’t know your job! Maybe I should go into the kitchen and make the omelette myself,” writes McNally.

Afterwards, the restaurateur said all was forgiven, as Corden is said to have apologized for the incident.

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James Corden just called and apologized deeply. Having screwed it up myself a few times—more than most people—I really trust new opportunities, McNally wrote.

Furthermore, the restaurateur wrote that Corden is welcome back at the restaurant. So the ban lasted no more than 24 hours.

Corden is known as an actor, comedian, and actor. He is perhaps best known as the presenter of the talk show The Late Late.

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