Jan Ole Vesterlid travels to the same hotel in Crete 17 years in a row – NRK Møre og Romsdal – Local News, TV and Radio

Jan Ole Vesterlid travels to the same hotel in Crete 17 years in a row – NRK Møre og Romsdal – Local News, TV and Radio

– I know what I'm coming and they know who's coming. The welcome is warm. My favorite guest is Jan Ole Westerlit.

When the family went on holiday in 2008, they were recommended Hotel Sunrise Village Hotell på Crete by a local travel agency in Ålesund.

John Ole has chosen the same hotel every year since then. This year will be the 17th time.

Sunrise Village Hotel in Crete

Jan Ole Vesterlid from Ålesund travels to this hotel every year.

Photo: Jan Ole Westerlit

– I am traveling on 31st August. On the same day he marries Martha Durek in Geiranger, he decides.

He was the hotel director who first traveled to Westerlit, now retired, but his son took over and John Ole remains part of the family.

Jan Ole Westerlid and hotel manager Alexandros Kolinos at Sunrise Village Hotel

Jan Ole Westerlid and hotel manager Alexandros Kolinos at the Sunrise Village Hotel.

Photo: Private

– I have been to baptisms and weddings with hoteliers. I will remember the Greek wedding for a long time. It was a small wedding with only 400 guests. At a large Greek wedding, he says, there could be more than 2,000 people.

Do you often travel to the same city on vacation? Share your favorite travel destination below the article.

– It is customary to repeat

Sven Larsen, professor emeritus at the University of Bergen, believes that Jan Ole Westerlid is nothing short of doing the same thing every holiday.

If he had done something completely new it would have been even more sensational, he believes.

– Repetition, preferably a dispute, is very common. It is not that one seeks new, foreign or unknown places.

Professor Svein Larsen at Uib stands on the stairs looking at the photographer.

Sven Larsson is Emeritus Professor at the University of Bergen.

Photo: Silje Kathryn Robinson / Chrono

Researched by Professor of Psychology TouristsAnd people tend to believe in themselves that they seek out new and exciting travel destinations and new and challenging experiences.

– But what becomes interesting for people is experiencing something familiar in a new way. For example “South” is a new hotel, “South” is a new country or a new cruise ship.

Sven Larsson thinks that we can undoubtedly relax better on a trip when we go on a trip that we know well.

– We prefer not to expose ourselves to very unknown situations. Because it causes uncertainty and anxiety.

And the psychology professor is a perfect example of a tourist looking for familiars.

– I am traveling to Germany. There I found a hotel with a great view over the Rhine, he says.

Can you travel to the same hotel year after year as you like John O'll?

22 years for the same hotel in London

Jan Ole Vesterlid has a plate to deliver on today's mail route in Ørsta. He will work through the summer before traveling back to Greece.

– It is very good to drive the post in the summer, he says.

John Ole Westerlid

Jan Ole Vesterlid presents today's last stage in Ørsta.

Photo: Olaug Bjørnset / NRK

But Westerlit is more than happy to go on vacation, and Creed and the rest of his family aren't the only ones on board.

– I travel to London every year on Black Friday. I have stayed in the same hostel, room number 16, 22 times. “It's a lot easier if I know where to go and where everything is,” he says.

– But don't you want to experience something new?

– No, I can do it when I retire. “When people ask me this question, I usually reply that I do something else when I'm bored,” he smiles.

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