Jan Thomas, Good morning Norway

Jan Thomas, Good morning Norway

Jan Thomas (57) is best known as a celebrity stylist and has appeared on numerous TV shows over the years. He is a man of many roles, and he recently managed to dream big.

In June, he came in as a substitute in “God Morgen Norge” and was deputy to Espen Fiveland (50). Although the 57-year-old actress is used to being in front of the camera and speaking in front of an audience, this TV work was very special for the designer.

The Good Morning Norway job was not only a big dream of his, but also his late mother's greatest wish.

– Followed in the sky

Jan Thomas hosted two live broadcasts on the channel in mid-June with Camilla Sagen, 31, and Far Stud, 57.

There's no doubt that he himself was excited about this temporary job, but he also believes that his mother, Anne Ostervold, would have been endlessly proud of him.

– To become the presenter of “Good Morning Norway” was my mother’s greatest desire, Jan Thomas tells Netavisen.

– I've always been silly and said this is where I want to end up. “So it's a lot of fun,” he continues.

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Jan Thomas lost her mother in 2013. She died suddenly at her home in Skien at the age of just 69. Mother and son were very close, and the 57-year-old had been grieving the loss of Morne for a long time.

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The fact that the mother never got to see her son as a presenter of “Good Morning Norway” is sad, but the 57-year-old woman believes she would have watched him with enthusiasm from the afterlife:

-If I know my mother correctly, she's sitting in heaven with Elvis and Charlie Pride and watching, signed by Jean Thomas Instagram.

Furthermore, the TV profile says that he thoroughly enjoyed the role, but admittedly this is not the first time he has taken on the role of presenter.

He also leads the program “The Hunt for Love” on TV 2, and led several May 17 specials on “Good Morning Norway”.

A new respect for the function of television

But this time, Jan Thomas stayed with a completely different vision. The 57-year-old has been a guest on the morning show several times, but only now has he experienced what it's like to sit on the other side of the couch:

– I've gained a whole different respect for the machines. It's a four-hour live show and there's a lot of work behind those hours. It's a great production that plays well for us as presenters.

He adds: – You cannot continue driving automatically, but you have to keep up with the times.

When the 57-year-old received the honorable assignment, he took it seriously and spent several hours preparing for the TV job. Anything else would be out of the question for the designer:

– It would be absolutely ridiculous not to get involved. I like to have complete control over the guests and spend three or four hours in the afternoon when the script comes in.

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Another aspect of the Good Morning Norway function that Jan Thomas has witnessed is the change in circadian rhythm.

When you help wake up “all” of Norway, you have to wake up early, which is not an easy task for everyone. And in the case of the 57-year-old, there is something that suits him perfectly.

But it still has to be adjusted.

– I'm a special person, but I'm not really happy talking to people before 10.00. But out of respect for our co-hosts and guests, I wanted to be prepared. So there was no problem, he says.

I'm looking for more TV work

It seems that Jean Thomas's efforts have been well received, both by the public and those close to him. He has received good support from home from his fiancée Harlem Alexander (35):

– Harlem is very proud of me. Tyr (the dog, note in the journal) doesn't care much. But he says he sits and watches Dad on TV.

Loyal Good Morning Norway viewers also seem to be satisfied with the famous hairstylist as a presenter.

In the comment field in A Instagram posts Many paid tribute to the 57-year-old:

– You dressed for the role and “Good Morning Norway” was definitely dressed to let you in, writes one, while another writes:

– Warm, good and fun presenter. Perfect alternative. Happy summer, hope to see you in the fall with the rest of the “Good Morning Norway” group.

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Whether there will be a reunion with Jan Thomas on the couch on Good Morning Norway has not been confirmed on the presenter's page, but Jan Thomas himself wrote in the post that they will “see you in the fall.”

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