Janni and Jon Olsson Delér moved in together after their divorce:

Janni and Jon Olsson Delér moved in together after their divorce:

Janni Delér (32) and Jon Olsson (40) are two of Sweden’s biggest influencers, each with over a million followers on Instagram. They have two children, Leon and Leah.

The couple married in 2018, but this past summer they shared the news that they had gone their separate ways. Share the news on Instagram.

- Nobody saw this coming

– Nobody saw this coming

“This will probably be the last post we thought we’d write, but earlier this summer we chose to part (…) We had eleven amazing years together” was among what they wrote in the post.

Furthermore, it turns out that they will remain friends, and that they will continue to be involved in each other’s lives.

The pair erupted into a loud argument during the final couple’s dinner of the season, in Married at First Sight.
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The influencer, who recently lived in Cyprus, shared a post in March about a major change in their lives. They are moving home to Sweden.

In 2019, the couple bought a piece of land in Nacka Municipality, Sweden. This is where they settle now – together.

Janie said this in a YouTube video, showing off the home they live in while they wait to get a building permit for their new home. Express Mention it first.

About the breakup: - It wasn't easy

About the breakup: – It wasn’t easy

– We’ll live here together. She says in the video that it takes a while to get a building permit, so we’ll live here for a while, fix it up so it’s more comfortable for us to live here.

However, the dream home they plan to build on the plot seems to be a short distance away.

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– I can hardly wait for construction to start here, but it will probably take a while as we don’t have a building permit yet. She continues, saying that they want more things from us, which we have to fix.

The fact that the couple broke up as friends last year, and they shared a few weeks ago that they were moving back home together created some confusion in the comments section.

Didn’t you get divorced? One wrote under the photo where they submitted resettlement plans, while another wrote:

Al-Hamd in the picture: - It does not age

Al-Hamd in the picture: – It does not age

“I hope Sweden leads you together again!”

Admittedly, nothing on their social media indicates that Delér and Olsson have found their way back to each other, but they have shared several times that they have a good relationship and live close to each other for the kids.

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