Jawad is behind @utlending.memes – V.G

Jawad is behind @utlending.memes – V.G

His posts can be perceived as political, but Jawad does not like to refer to himself as a social debater. Primarily he considers them foolish.

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VG meets him at Alexander Kieland’s place in Oslo. He adds about the offer of a sponsored toothpaste dispenser.

– The kind you keep on the wall, then the toothpaste gets on the toothbrush. Then I thought: “Why do they think my followers are interested in that?”. They squeeze the toothpaste themselves, he says.

On Instagram, he thinks he’s from a village in Oslo, how Oslo people dress when he’s in Lofoten, and how football player Martin Odegard looks like an employee at Hoodoi teaching migrant kids to fish for crabs. .

Not least, he makes a lot of jokes about being white and rich. For him, it’s all about kicking upwards.

– The problem with rich and white people is that I’m not them. If I were a rich white guy I wouldn’t have a problem with them, everyone wants to be. It’s obvious, but because I’m not, it’s a matter of kicking upwards, he says.

The dispenser doesn’t have a sponsorship, but Javad hopes to soon be able to make money from the jokes he spreads on social media. This autumn he will publish the book “Dette er nordmenn”. In it, he presents Norwegian traditions and events. The Instagram account’s popular “starter packs” — usually photos with a mix of various stereotypical subjects — are taken a step further and interwoven with stories of Javat’s own life and upbringing.

When asked by Viji why he chooses to write a book now, he replied:

– I’m interested in buying a house, I think that’s the main thing. That’s why I do it. There is no other reason.

But that was a silly and humorous reply by Jawad. A while back, he has spoken about his passion for writing and the speed with which it goes.

– I think writing a book is one of the most exhausting and most enjoyable things I’ve ever done. Sometimes it’s fun to express yourself without thinking too much about what to look like. That’s what you do when you write a book. Things happen gradually, he says.

Previously, wrote long captions under images on @utlending.memes.

I think it was funny, and some people asked me where I stopped writing. I replied that it was because I had a lot of other things to do. But I’ve always loved writing, and I’ve been writing since I was seven. I wrote about everything, nothing, and then I pitched the idea to Kake, he says.

Hopes to write many more books.

It’s probably not a one-off. He says I will write more and yes, that is what I am passionate about.

On his Instagram channel and Twitter account, he pokes fun at everything from the passport crisis, Freya the Walrus and the housing market.

– Most people would say this is a joke about immigrants, but I disagree. “I make my jokes based on how I feel about things, a lot of it is based on my background, but it’s really just observations that I make,” he says.

When the passport crisis came around, he posted this post:

The post can be linked to his real life. He is friends with people who have lived in Norway for up to seven years without obtaining a Norwegian residence permit.

– Imagine living here and not knowing if you will somehow leave in two years, it’s crazy, he says.

Much of his humor is based on the problem of poverty, class differences and housing prices. They can be perceived politically.

Additionally, his comedy mocks what he believes are “troubles in the country”:

When the walrus Freya hits the top of Norwegian online newspapers, Javad quickly creates a meme about it. In general, he likes to take on current and always debatable issues.

A small selection of Jawad’s popular memes.

When asked if he is a social debater with humor, Jawad laughs.

– I don’t like people referring to themselves like that. I think it would be totally cool if other people referred to me as such, but I’m not going to say that I am now.

– But some people see you like that, but in another way, you seem difficult?

I have spoken before. The reason I can’t bear to wear it is because people who have it often piss. Always in a bad mood. “If there’s anyone who doesn’t want to listen to me, it’s really angry people,” he says with a laugh.

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