Jeff Bridges: – He had cancer and corona:

Jeff Bridges: - He had cancer and corona:

Last fall, it became known that 71-year-old Hollywood star Jeff Bridges has become He was diagnosed with cancer.

The actor, who is recognized by many from the movie classics “The Big Lebowski” and “True Grit,” shared the cancer news in October and has since kept fans up to date with help. His website.

He has now shared a new update in the form of a handwritten note, addressing the grueling fight against the coronavirus, as well as a new cancer update.

“about to die”

Bridges begins his new position with good news, revealing that the cancer mass has diminished and is now in remission (disease improvement, scientific journals).

Furthermore, Bridges wrote, the cancerous tumor was now reduced to the size of a marble.

Happy news: the actor is on his way to recovery from cancer.  Photo: Drew Altizer Photography / REX / NTB
good news: The actor is on his way to recovery from cancer. Photo: Drew Altizer Photography / REX / NTB
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However, the actor was not free from other diseases. Besides the good news, Bridges says that when he contracted the coronavirus earlier this year, he ended up in the hospital for five weeks and what he describes as “a hell of pain.”

“My dance with corona makes my cancer look like baby food,” the 71-year-old wrote on the website.

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Bridges suspected he had an infection after going to the clinic where he received chemotherapy. The actor also does not hide the fact that his immune system was seriously damaged, which means that he was taken to the hospital.

“At the same time as I was in great pain and approached the Pearl Gate, I felt happy most of the time. This NDE gave me a true gift – life is short and beautiful. Love is everywhere and available at all times. It is about being open to receiving the gift,” he continues. .

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getting better

After the illness, the actor received two doses of the Corona vaccine, and he can tell that he feels much better now.

“Corona hit me right,” Bridges adds, “but I have fully received my vaccinations and feel much better now.”

Take it all: The influencer with cancer decided to completely remove his hair. – I thought it would be difficult, she wrote on Instagram. Video: Instagram / @elin.kjos
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However, Bridges explains that he still needs an oxygen tank, but points out that he doesn’t rely on it for mobility.

He can also share other good news. The 71-year-old man with cancer has set a goal of following his daughter on the church floor at her wedding.

That, and a father-daughter dance, can now be removed from the list of award-winning actors.


Like so many cancer patients, the movie star experienced what disease brings, and last winter He can, among other things, announce that he has shaved all his hair.

After the cancer message, the “Tron” star, known for his long silver vein, surprised his Instagram followers with a shaven head.

In the photo you can see happy bridges with a little puppy on his lap. Below the photo, he listed the last things that happened in his life, something he started by writing: “Feeling good.”

In the photo, as mentioned, you can see that the actor shaved off all his hair, which, by the way, was number two in the list of Bridge updates.

Cancer patient Jane Marzowski, 30, gropes Judge Simon Cowell in America’s Got Talent. Video: NBC
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Hair loss is often a side effect of chemotherapy, and thus many people choose to shave their hair before or during cancer treatment.

Bridge’s list also included a family increase, Monty, and the actor’s 71st birthday, which was on December 4 last year.

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