June 8, 2023


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Jeff Bridges on the red carpet after cancer treatment - VG

Jeff Bridges on the red carpet after cancer treatment – VG

Opponents: Jeff Bridges and Amy Brenneman at the premiere of “The Old Man” in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Jeff Bridges, 72, is finally getting the premiere of his new TV series – after a rough time with both cancer and corona.


And on Thursday he shone at the screening of The Old Man in Los Angeles and spoke to the press.

Bridges looks like his usual character, but it was very challenging.

– I was about to die. The doctors kept telling me, “Jeff, you have to do it giant. You don’t fight.” But I was in survival mode. And you’re ready to go. He says: I danced with my death daily Mail.

The American actor said in the fall of 2020 that He had lymphoma And he was ready to start radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

At the same time, he promised to keep fans updated about the process, and he kept that promise. Bridges created one Our website Where posted pictures and Status updates.

The Hollywood veteran hasn’t been in the spotlight since the Oscars in spring 2019, but he made his comeback Thursday on the red carpet.

TV Ready: Jeff Bridges in Los Angeles Thursday.

Finally, Bridges and the rest of the team came to terms with the TV series, which was originally scheduled to premiere in October 2021. Bridges cancer and the epidemic came to an abrupt halt.

The 72-year-old reached the premiere on her arm with her “Old Man” opponent, Amy Brenneman (57).

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Bridges prove otherwise Entertainment tonight He is now “fine”.

Cancer is about to recede, adds that the Corona virus hit him more from cancer.

Covid has made cancer sound like a trifle. After chemotherapy, it stripped my immune system, so when I had the virus on top of that, it totally knocked me out.

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Jeff Bridges says he was about to die from Corona

Hollywood star Jeff Bridges, 71, said he has fallen seriously ill from Covid-19.

It’s been three years since they started working on “The Old Man”, and two years since they had to take a break from the project.

It’s like we’ve had a long weekend, and I’ve woken up from a strange dream, says Bridges.

Brenneman brags.

– she’s amazing. It makes a huge difference, says Bridges, who has been privately married to actress Susan Bridges (67) since 1977, with whom she works.

They have three daughters together and several grandchildren.

In 2009, Bridges won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role as country singer Bad Blake in “Crazy Heart”. He was nominated for an Academy Award seven times.

The 72-year-old is also known in films like “The Big Lebowski”, “The Fabulous Baker Boys”, “Starman”, “True Grit” and “The Last Picture Show”.

“The Old Man” airs June 16 on Hulu. Bridges plays a retired CIA agent, who is also the series’ lead producer.

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