October 1, 2022


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Jeff Bridges: On the verge of death

Jeff Bridges: On the verge of death

American actor Jeff Bridges (72)known among others, “The Fabulous Baker Boys” and “The Big Lebowski”, He leaves behind some difficult years marked by illness.

I got covid as a cancer patient

In a new interview with Watchman The 72-year-old opens up about the fact that he had cancer first, then Covid – in the middle of treatment.

The actor told the newspaper that two years ago he was diagnosed with lymphoma after doctors discovered a 22 x 30 cm tumor.

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While the Hollywood legend was receiving chemotherapy in the hospital, he also contracted the virus.

Bridges was hospitalized for a long time, and after discharge from the hospital he was bedridden for some time and had to be assisted by machines to breathe.

The 72-year-old survived both, but the tragic period of illness left its mark. Bridges feels it in his body every morning when he has to pull himself out of bed – something he says takes a long time.

– it is a gift

What I’ve learned from my hospital experience is: Life always gives us gifts. There may be gifts that we think we don’t want. Who wants cancer? Who wants covid? Well, it turns out I wanted to. Bridges tells the Guardian, who believes that interest narrows in old age, because acclimating to your yard makes things more valuable.

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Having gone through both cancer and the Covid virus, he has now broadened his horizons and opened his focus.

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– It is a gift, to realize that I have eyes that can see all the beauty of the world. I can feel the heat of the day on my skin. I have a wife who loves me, my children too, and I can bathe in this love. It’s all a gift, Bridges says in the interview and adds:

Being sick, close to death, strengthens love. I feel it. I feel how much my wife loves me. How much I love her.