Jenna Ortega on “Wednesday”: – Not the moment I’m proudest of

Jenna Ortega on “Wednesday”: – Not the moment I’m proudest of
TRAVEL: Actress Gina Ortega, here on the red carpet at the New York premiere of “Scream VI” on Tuesday.

Actress Gina Ortega, 20, put her foot down several times while filming the TV series.


Ortega plays teenage girl Wednesday in the Netflix series, which is based on more than 30 years of the classic “The Addams Family.”

The 20-year-old received high praise from reviewers after its November premiere last year, including from a VG reviewer, who thought Ortega “mastered” the role.

in the podcast Armchair expert He confides to Ortega that she chose to follow her instincts and take liberties while recording, because she had a “strong need to protect” the character.

—I’ve probably never before had to set foot on a recording set the way I had to during a “Wednesday.” Of crime comedies, it’s very easy to fall into a category, especially on a series like this, she says.

Television role: Gina Ortega as Wednesday Addams.

Ortega explains that not everything in the script makes sense, according to her own opinion. It was applied to everything from love plots to clothing.

– Among other things, there was a line about a dress for a school dance, where on Wednesday he was supposed to say:God loved him! I can’t believe I said that. Now I literally hate myself». Then I had to say no, because it was absolutely out of the question.

Pals: Christina Ricci, Gina Ortega, and Catherine Zeta-Jones at the “Wednesday” premiere in LA last November.

Ortega describes his behavior on set as “unprofessional at times”.

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– I simply started changing lines, she says.

This resulted in many questions from the screenwriters, who finally sat down with her and asked “what’s up.”

– Then I had to explain why I couldn’t do certain things.

Group: Gina Ortega in action on “Wednesday.”

Sometimes an actor had to bite the bullet and agree to things in order to create the needed emotional development, she explains.

– You cannot have a leadership role that does not develop feelings. Then it gets boring, and no one likes you.

Despite his young age, Ortega has managed to star in a wide variety of series and movies, including “X”. Now she is relevant in the new cinematic thriller “Scream VI”.

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The actor’s dance has gone viral.

Although “Wednesday” has become a catch for viewers, it itself isn’t quite as enthusiastic. Some of the phrases in the podcast need to be explained.

– It’s not the proudest moment in my career, she says and explains that precisely that brings stress and uncertainty with it.

– I’m someone who can’t see my products, but I am Can I walk home from the set and say to myself, “This scene we did today was so good.” During the shooting of “Wednesday” there wasn’t a single scene that made me conclude at the end of the day that, “Well, that’s fine.”

Ortega also expresses her fear of ending up in a booth, because viewers might come to peg her. to So much for a special role.

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CINEMA PREMIERES: Fv: Jenna Ortega, Melissa Barrera, and Courteney Cox at “Scream VI” in New York on Tuesday.

Ortega earned awards and nominations for her efforts on Wednesday, but it didn’t go to her head.

– It’s easy to please the crowd, you say.

new season

It was decided that “Wednesday” would get a second season. But before that time, Ortega appeared in a new movie, “Scream”. The premiere of “Scream VI (Skrik 6)” will be held in Norway next Friday.

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