June 9, 2023


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Jennifer Aniston reunites with ex-husband Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston reunites with ex-husband Justin Theroux

After they became friends for four years, the “Friends” star gave Jennifer Aniston (52) Say yes to the actors of “Miami Vice” and “American Psycho”, Justin Theroux (50) I 2015.

Homing pigeons first met in 2008, but three years later they fell in love with each other while filming “Wanderlust”. Three years later, the couple secretly married.

But in 2018, the shocking news came: One of Hollywood’s toughest couples has gone their separate ways.

We usually do this privately, but the reputation industry can’t resist an opportunity to speculate and invent things. “We wanted to tell the truth ourselves,” Aniston added AP this time.

We are still best friends who decided to separate as a couple, but we are looking forward to continuing our friendship. Above all, we are determined to maintain the deep respect and love we have for one another, the couple said.

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On a TV show with an ex

Now, however, fans can celebrate some kind of duo reunion.

On Tuesday, Theroux posted a photo on Instagram showing a loving group embracing Aniston himself and 65-year-old actress Ann Dodd, known among others «The Handmaid’s Taleand “hereditary” with the text of “Ann Sandwich”.

GROUP CLAMP: The couple is in a good group hug with Ann Dowd barely in the middle.  Photo: screenshot / @justintheroux

GROUP CLAMP: The couple is in a good group hug with Ann Dowd barely in the middle. Photo: screenshot / @justintheroux
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The backdrop to Tuesday’s cute encounter will be “The Facts of Life” on ABC, a live TV show where Theroux serves as producer, according to ABC. And. Stars Aniston as Blair.

The episode is a remake of an episode of the 1980s sitcom.

Theroux wasn’t the only one who shared photos from the event. Aniston shared a photo on Instagram of a happy group at the dining table, writing the following:

“One for the memories. Norman Lear. Jimmy Kimmel. cast my dream. different people. #LiveForanEtStudioPublikum “,” followed by a heart and an emoji with a raised hand.

First, the Facts of Life cast likes to star in Facts of Life. I wanted to go to boarding school. I wanted to have Mrs. Garrett and I wanted all those girlfriends, and now they have them, Aniston told ET before the show.

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