Jennifer Lopez: – “After 25 you have the face you deserve”

Jennifer Lopez: – “After 25 you have the face you deserve”

DrSuperstar Jennifer Lopez (53 years old) launched her own skin care line in 2021, and she was keen to take advantage of her knowledge and experience when it comes to appearance and aging.

Known for being one of the world’s most beautiful women, who wasn’t afraid to show herself in steamy photos, she gave her thoughts about getting older.

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In an interview with Ella The global star told of the affirmations she recites every day: “I am young and timeless at any age. I am young and timeless at any age. I am…”

The star is very grateful for her life, that everyone around her is healthy, and she says the affirmations have helped her become a beautiful human being on the inside, radiating similarity on the outside.

The bold photo sets the internet on fire

It’s easy for her to say that, too Ha The starting point, you might think?

Many people probably looked in the mirror on a Monday morning and thought there must be something more powerful here than positive thoughts.

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And Jlo has made it a try, too the Region. In the interview, the star talks about when, at the age of 23 (!), a dermatologist encouraged her to start using Botox.

Until then, she never thought about injections.

- He was looking for a mistress

– He was looking for a mistress

– She said, “You know you have a fine line here? We should start with Botox.”

Lopez said she politely declined.

– I thought a lot about what would have happened to me if I started Botox at 23 years old. How will I look now. My face will look completely different today.

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Best advice Jennifer

Lopez encourages everyone to wear sunscreen. She has herself used sunscreen on her face since she was 22. She believes that one of the worst things you can say to a woman is, “You look great, for being 50!”.

Slaughtered by the masses: - What an eagle!

Slaughtered by the masses: – What an eagle!

Her goal is to help everyone feel amazing, regardless of age. JLo talks about the advice she received in her youth that she tried to live by.

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– I once heard someone say: “Until 25, you get the face you were born with.” After 25, you get the face you deserve.” Then I thought about acting accordingly. You have to be a kind and beautiful person inside, if you want your face to radiate that. It becomes how you think and act.

thought the answer

He thinks the answer is “everyone” wonders

JLo isn’t just happy with her underwear. Obviously, she is also happy with the looks of her husband, Ben Affleck (50). On Father’s Day in June 2023, she posted a steamy photo of her husband that set her nerves on fire and caused an uproar in her Instagram comments section.

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