Jennifer Lopez angry after a video leak – VG

Jennifer Lopez angry after a video leak - VG
Married: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in connection with the movie’s premiere in February of this year.

“Everyone who did this took advantage of our special moment,” actress Jennifer Lopez shouted on Instagram.


This summer it became known that actress Jennifer Lopez (53) and actor Ben Affleck (50) Married in Las Vegas.

On August 20 this year, the star couple was Another wedding In Georgia with family and friends.

Shortly after the ceremony, a video was posted showing Lopez walking up to the dance floor singing a song to her groom.

In the video, Affleck can be seen sitting in a chair while Lopez and some dancers perform for him and the rest of the band.

The now-shared video made the star see red.

When a fan posted the video on Instagram, the not-so-cute Lopez herself stepped in to comment on the post:

“(The video, diary.) was taken without our permission. Point. Whoever did this took advantage of our private moment.”

Furthermore, Lopez wrote that all the guests were asked not to share anything from the wedding, and that the guests also signed a confidentiality agreement about this.

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She further wrote: “This was stolen without our consent and sold for money.”

The comment was later deleted because the fan account removed the post. However, the account did take a screenshot of Lopez’s comment with the comment that he chose to delete the post out of respect for “Bennifer”.

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The video in question was published in famous American media.

NB! According to many American media, Jennifer Lopez has now taken her husband’s surname.

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