June 6, 2023


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Jenny Scaflan: - I don't know if she can stand the light of day

Jenny Scaflan: – I don’t know if she can stand the light of day

Jenny Scaflan (35) Known for their strong commitment to reuse. On Instagram, she constantly shares snippets of where she sews curtains for dresses, tablecloths for blouses, or makes a completely new design for an old Fretex dress.

In collaboration with Marie Norden, Ingrid Vick Lissen and Ingrid Burgton, Fæbrik started two years ago, with the goal of inspiring reuse.

However, in everyday life, there was little time to talk about what they thought about each other’s efforts and what was happening at home.

These conversations will now be recorded in the new podcast «fÆb», Jenny Skaflan tells Se og Hør.

won again: Jenny Scaflan wins this year’s Fashion Awards once again.
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– Very dark teaser

With the podcast, the 35-year-old hopes, among other things, to entertain followers who spend time sewing Fæbrik-inspired clothes. Additionally, she hopes to inspire others to realize their dream, and shares tips on what it takes to run a business.

– There are a few female gRondryMost of the capital invested in start-up companies goes to male-owned companies. So we’re a little exception there, so I think that’s an important aspect of it.

With the podcast, sewing fans fear their adorable photo could make a fuss. The gang works faithfully on sewing projects, and is strict with itself with the climate in mind.

So you think more people might be surprised by the terms used in the group.

We, too, are filthy, and we may not be as cool and fit as we may seem. And it’s not just about the environment and the clothes and things like that, but we probably look more like a stereotypical hockey wardrobe than a classic sewing room.

full: On this week’s episode of “Kåss til Kvelds,” Jenny Scaflan is among the guests. There she tells of a time when she drank too many glasses of wine before auditioning for Max Manus. Video: NRK
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Perhaps we have a surprising tone between us, and we have a lot of black humor. There are many things we do where we think: “I don’t know if she can stand the daylight,” and then we’ll see how much light she gets, says Scaflan, emphasizing that girls shouldn’t be afraid to take up space or try to be fun.

Factory: Jenny, Ingrid, Ingrid, and Mary met in custom-made suits for the HunInvesterer lectures.  Photo: Morten Eck/Look and Hear

Factory: Jenny, Ingrid, Ingrid, and Mary met in custom-made suits for the HunInvesterer lectures. Photo: Morten Eck/Look and Hear
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Bridgeton and red wine

The humorous episode discusses, among other things, the body of pregnancy and herpes. The openness of the gang makes Scaflan proud.

– They are very extroverted, intelligent and funny. So I’m a little smitten with my colleagues because of this. So it can be a kind of “dating night” like a necessity to keep the couple alive. It’s a bit like a love affair to work closely together.

Skavlan also reveals unknown sides about himself. Among other things, she says that she feels meaningless if she does nothing.

– I think it depends a little on him, that you get rewards. I have a career driven by a lot of response and appreciation. She says you get likes and comments, at least when you post something or when you’re on TV and things like that, and she adds:

Recycling: Jenny Scaflan encouraged celebrities who went to the P3 Gull to wear eco-friendly clothing. Not everyone followed that advice. Video: The red carpet
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When you haven’t done something that creates some kind of response, you somehow haven’t worked. It’s very strange, and it’s not true. One cannot place such expectations on oneself or put happiness in the hands of such superficial things. So you have to have a conscious relationship with that, because it’s easy to get carried away.

When she first takes a vacation, she feels naughty. However, she never says no to spending time alone if possible.

Then I watch Bridgeton, take a shower and drink red wine. I am very fond of being alone. After I had kids, I almost missed myself a little bit, because I always had a good time in my own company. So I enjoy all the time I can get by myself, I’m so good to hang out with her.

However, ahead of time, it’s the podcast that will feature Skavlan’s timeline. .

When you hear about those who have a five-year anniversary or are releasing the 500th episode, it’s strange to think ‘Where are we then? What did we share next? How do you feel intimate? ». Right now we’re having a lot of fun, so we’ll see where it goes.

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