May 29, 2023


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Jenny Scaflan: - Shared double photo: "For the Experts"

Jenny Scaflan: – Shared double photo: “For the Experts”

Thursday was the day Universal’s annual garden party, where there were many familiar faces. Both Astrid S (25)And the dimple tone (34) And the Ankken Jorgensen (26) He was among the guests who made the trip.

The summer party was held at Frogner’s Villa, and the stars could share everything from their new marital status, future plans to expensive party wear.

mysterious: Artist Astrid Smeplass was in a great mood at the annual Universal Music Summer Party, but there was one thing she didn’t want to talk about. Reporter: Ken Falch. Video: Nora Scavog
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shared photo

Jenny Scaflan (36) He wore a black swimsuit and white jeans for the occasion, and several photos from the Universal gala flickered on Instagram.

In one of the photos, she shared a possibly related issue: swimwear and toilet visits.

And so Skaflan had to dress up completely as Eva when nature calls.

“Peeing on Hipas in the bathing suit of experts in the field,” wrote the fashion profile to just over 480,000 followers.

See and Hear has been in contact with Jenny Skavlan, who said she is recording, and had no opportunity to comment on the case.

“Fæbrik” co-star Marie Norden shows her support for the star’s commentary business.

Norden wrote: “Is this how it should be done?”

ELLE PARTY: Sebastian Solberg and Nicolin Anundsen are ready to party. Video: Luna Leah. Reporter: Selena Morkin
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Many followers, like fellow “Fæbrik”, took to the comment field to honor Skavlan.

“So COOL lady”, among the comments below the photo.

– Fill the trenches

This year’s Universal concert was the first in three years, so expectations for the evening were high.

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To See and Hear can host a podcast Ida Vladen (36) Reveals that there’s usually a big party factor at the summer party.

– It used to be a tradition to go here, I’m so excited because now it’s not because of Covid-19. It tends to be very cute so I look forward to it. People tend to get drunk.

ELLE PARTY: Jan Thomas and Harlem Alexander talk about party and holiday plans. Video: Luna Leah. Reporter: Selena Morkin
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Dimple tone compatibility.

– It’s mandatory, I think. There will be filling the trench after that, it will be difficult. There is an insanely good atmosphere. The best parties are when you don’t have to wear high heels, and you can’t do that here. The songbird explained that it sets the mood right from the start, and here it is more “low key”.

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