Jens Stoltenberg – Mitt Biden:

Jens Stoltenberg - Mitt Biden:

The two met to discuss how to strengthen transatlantic relations between Europe and the United States, as well as to prepare for next year’s NATO summit in Madrid, he writes. Defense Alliance.

– We’ve been through some tough cases, and they’re very different, says Stoltenberg VG.

Stoltenberg and Biden discussed Afghanistan, among other things. Stoltenberg stressed that the operation was not in vain, and noted that during the 20 years of the operation, no NATO country had experienced terrorist attacks centered in Afghanistan.

to cut: After a meeting with President Joe Biden, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg struck a new sting against former President Donald Trump. Video: Vegard Kvaale
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submarine agreement

The meeting came three weeks after the United States announced the new Aukus Defense Cooperation. The partnership means, among other things, that Australia will build a dozen nuclear-powered submarines, thus spoiling a major contract to buy conventional submarines from France.

France reacted angrily to the wreck, and the homeland recalled its ambassadors from Australia and the United States. The issue has also become a hot issue for NATO.

At the same time, we must not make this issue any bigger than it is. NATO allies agree on the most important thing, which is that we stand together in NATO. It has been strongly emphasized by the meetings here today. They were, Stoltenberg says, about how we should continue to restructure NATO at a time when the world is changing.


At the meeting, Stoltenberg also said that the alliance must continue to adapt to a more unpredictable world, where competition between major global powers is on the rise, and where cyber, terrorism and security threats related to climate change are on the rise.

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Stoltenberg also met with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, and spoke with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken by phone.

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