Jessica Alba: – I took the girls for treatment

Jessica Alba: - I took the girls for treatment

In addition to being a successful actor, he is Jessica Alba (41) mother of three: daughters Sharaf (14) and Haven (10), as well as son Hayes (4). She has with husband Cash Warren (43), with whom she celebrated her 14th wedding anniversary in May.

In January, the clan grew, when they were able to welcome puppies Dolly and Lucy, according to us weekly.

Alba has been no stranger to expressing her love for her family on social media, and now the eldest daughter Honor is the one receiving the love on Instagram, he writes People.

the mother and her daughter

Like other mothers, Alba wonders how time passes. On Wednesday, she posted a photo of the honor with the caption “Me and my baby (can’t believe she’s so tall)”.

In the photo, we can see Honor with a good roof around the mother in a parking lot, and the girls are dressed in matching beige outfits.

In the comments section, many people seem surprised at how big their daughter is.

“Wow, she’s taller than you. You grew up so fast, Jessica,” one follower commented.

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Another says: “She’s your twin!” And a third wrote that they looked like friends.

I started to close

However, it’s not all fun and exciting to have teens at home. During an interview with UK charmThe 41-year-old said frankly that she is getting along with her two daughters. They started doing this when they reached puberty.

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– That’s when they started closing, and they became “I don’t want to talk anymore”. I just: “We’re not doing this. We need to connect here. How can I be a better parent to you? How do you want me to talk to you? Don’t hold me back.”

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Furthermore, Alba explained that her therapist was objective and created a safe space for the girls to open up. In the treatment room, the actress made it clear that she’s not perfect, she’ll make mistakes and she won’t have all the answers.

– “Here is a safe room, you can’t get into trouble. Tell me what I’m doing wrong or what you want me to do differently. How do you want me to punish you when you do wrong? What does it look like to you? And how do you want to be treated so that you feel that your dignity is intact?” , the actor remembers what he said to the girls.

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