Joe Exotic gets a new penalty kick – VG

Joe Exotic gets a new penalty kick - VG
MUGSHOT: Joe Exotic in a police arrest photo from 2019. Santa Rosa County Jail.

Joseph “Joe Exotic” Maldonado Passage (58) will have his sentence reduced. A new hearing is scheduled for January 28.

TV celebrity and cat lover Joe Exotic has been imprisoned in Fort Worth, Texas since his release in January 2020 He was sentenced to 22 years in prison To try to convince a hitman to take the life of an arch-rival and animal rights activist Carol Baskin (60).

A federal appeals panel in Oklahoma ruled in July that the 58-year-old’s number of years behind bars should be reduced because they believed more mistakes were made when the original ruling was made.

Now a new hearing has been scheduled, reports News letters, who stated that Joe Exotic himself will be present in the courtroom on January 28.

The famous prisoner applied and obtained the wish to be flown to Oklahoma for the occasion. It is now estimated that the sentence could be reduced to 17 years in prison.


Joe Exotic stated that have cancerIn November, he was transferred to the North Carolina Foundation for treatment. His lawyer, according to News letters She has now stated that the 58-year-old will wait for treatment even after the new ruling is pronounced.

Since the sentencing, Joe Exotic has denied his conviction and has fought for his release. Among other things, he has applied for pardons to both President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden – to no avail.

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background: Claims to have been sexually abused in prison

The conflict between Joe Exotic and Baskin unfolds intensely Netflix hit “Tiger King” from 2020which continued with season two in November 2021. Watch clips from the sequel on VGTV:

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