Johannes Hosflot Klaebo returns to the national team – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

Johannes Hosflot Klaebo returns to the national team – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

Next year, the WC will be held in Klaebo's hometown, Trondheim. This will be the first tournament on Norwegian soil in the 27-year-old's career.

And so it will be with Klaebo returning as part of the national team, as NRK learned early Friday.

The same applies to the next Olympic season with the Cortina Olympics in 2026, where the two parties agree to an agreement spanning two seasons.

– This was also the goal last year, and then there were some circumstances that made it difficult. “So I'm very happy that we reached this agreement at the right time,” Claybaugh says.

Klæbo has been the big star in men's cross-country skiing in recent years and has, among other things, five Olympic golds, nine World Cup golds and four overall World Cup victories.

He reveals the meeting in Beitostølen

On Friday, Claybaugh held a press conference at the cabin in Schicampane to talk about plans for next season.

– It's primarily about the fact that we always wanted to be in a team. I enjoy being with my teammates, and I have good communication with the support staff around me. “It's a group I travel with a lot and enjoy being around,” Claybaugh says.

In: Cross Country Director Catherine Instepo

Photo: Erlind Havsgaard Martinsen/NRK

Cross country director Catherine Instepo joined the process. Klæbo is satisfied with the way they resolved the situation.

-It's been a very nice process since the new year. I'm so glad it was tidy. We've got something we're all very happy about,” Claybaugh says.

Instepo points to one moment she thinks was important in the dialogue.

-We spent some very good hours in Beitostølen during the cruise. Then I visited you, Claybo, at the cabin. Then we were able to talk well and build trust. “For me, it was about listening and understanding what was needed,” Instepo says.

– means a lot

Returning to the national team means a lot for the national team and the Claypo team, says Frederic Auckland, NRK's ​​cross country expert.

– Now we enter the championship season with the World Championships on home soil in Trondheim, and after that it is important that the best train and that we prepare together for what will be a major and major event in the history of Norwegian cross-country, says Auckland.

Frederick Auckland

Expert: Frederick Auckland.

Photo: Ole Martin Wold/NTB

– Is this a big victory for the Ski Association?

– This is primarily an indication that the parties have reached an agreement. It is difficult to determine who will emerge victorious. He answers: “The most important thing is that Claybo is part of the national team and contributes to creating the best development environment so that we can succeed in the World Cup.”

Criticize the values ​​of the Ski Association

On April 23 last year, the message came: Johannes Hosflot Klaebo said no to the Norwegian Ski Federation and the national team.

“I have many teammates in the national team who I feel were treated poorly in this selection process,” Claybo said when he declined to join the national team last year.

WC 20km Skiathlon Trial, Klæbo

Trondheim: Klæbo won all three races in the World Time Trial Championship in December last year. Next year, WC awaits in the same city.

Photo: Terje Pedersen/NTB

He also criticized on several occasions the values ​​of the Ski Association.

-I feel like you should treat people well. If you're going to do this, you have to be open, and you have to have values ​​from the bottom of your heart. “I don't think they (Skiforbundet) have it now,” Claybaugh said in September last year.

Long negotiations

Father and manager Haakon Klæbo stated after his son's refusal that they already planned to continue in the national team until 2025.

After that, there were long negotiations between the two parties about the representation agreement, so that Klaebo could go to the World Cup for Norway. It all ended rather abruptly with the cross-country star landing a record-breaking acting deal.

Despite being given significant trade freedom, Claybog has been open all season to returning to the national team. He is expected to announce his return later on Friday.

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