December 7, 2022


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Johaug reveals Northug's flirtation and secret SMS

Johaug reveals Northug’s flirtation and secret SMS

In The Whole Story Thérèse Johaug tells of her rich career, there it is revealed that she early on was attentive to Peter Northogue, who was two years her senior.

“He was not only good, but also handsome,” Johaug wrote of the time she met this phenomenon from Trondelag when she was a sophomore in high school.

New book: “The Complete Story” by Therese Johaug.

“This was before he became world famous, but in the skateboarding community he was already a big figure, the star of the shooting star,” Johaug describes.

They met during a meeting in Savalen, and on the track, Johaug showed very promising strides and put what she describes as the girls of the national team.

“The fact that they were upset is good for me, and my confidence increased. It didn’t go downhill because Peter Northough came and patted my shoulder and said he was so impressed. I didn’t know what to say. I just managed to stammer thank you.”

But this was not the end of the visas.

– Handsome more personally

The next day she set a new women’s record at Skistuesten, an annual downhill race at Tynset.

“I didn’t beat Peter Northough, but he came back and bragged about me. He was more handsome in person than he was on TV, and suddenly I started stuttering on a regular basis,” says Juhoge.

That evening they met in a pizzeria, where Juhoge sat across from Northough.

“He was jovial and quick in his streak. I still couldn’t get a word on myself, but Peter seemed to be a little bewitched by me too. At least if I interpreted the text message I received the next day correctly. What did she say? It’s a secret!”

Northough tells the truth about this outrageous gesture

Northog wrote this

TV 2 of course asked Peter Northug if he could transmit the content of the SMS sent to Johaug.

“Imagine if we mixed our genes, your engine and my final traits,” he wrote.

before adding:

– But he found out that she spoiled the sport.

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