John Al-Maas denied his participation in Reality TV 2

John Al-Maas denied his participation in Reality TV 2

Jon Almas (54) managed to stretch his arms in the air during the Gullruten Awards on Saturday when he and co-host Solveig Kloppen (50), Won Best Entertainment Host for the efforts made in the programme “all against all” On TV, Norge and Warner Bros. Discover.

But in recent years, Alice has garnered the most attention in reality TV. in 2020 He specifically won “71°N – Norway’s Most Powerful Celebrity”. On his own channel, while this spring is back In the program «71 degrees north».

effrontery: He was boiling well on the red carpet before delivering the Golden Road. This caused reporter Jonas to lose focus – and interviewer John Almas reacted. Video: The red carpet
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– not allowed

On his way down the hall over a megaphone yelling “Two minutes until the doors close” ahead of Saturday’s Golroten Awards, the 54-year-old made no secret that the real-life engagement had fallen in love so far.

– The reality concepts I made were fun. “71 degrees N” is first and foremost a physical toil. There are little quarrels and little intrigues that suit me well. If I had been asked to join again, I would have done so. He says with a smile to see and hear, but it probably won’t happen again.

NYSINGLE: There was laughter when the profiles of eccentric Iselin Guttormsen and David Eriksen arrived in Gullruten together. Video: The red carpet
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When asked if not super success “Company Lauritzen” It would have been a thing for him, answering with the following:

– Yes sure. But I’m not allowed to.


– You are not allowed?

– no. Since the recording period is very long, there are many episodes. which is also broadcast on another channel. So it simply doesn’t work, says Alms, whose aim is he must also produce television for his employer.

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Award Winning: Solveig Kloppen and Jon Almaas won an award for the work they did in

Award Winning: Solveig Kloppen and Jon Almaas won an award for their work in All vs One. Photo: Eivind Senneset / TV 2
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Nor Farm Fame He could have been relevant – if he had been interested at all, TV profile reveals.

– No, you probably wouldn’t have succeeded, admits the host, who therefore does not hide that he could imagine participating in more reality – if that were the case with rival TV 2.

– Especially “Kompani Lauritzen” looks so fun. But it is not certain that I would have won. I struggle with a bad back, you know, he confirms.

the Red: Marte Bratberg has to turn her back on the camera when a celebrity appears on the livestream before Gullruten. Video: The red carpet
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– Can not be done

Overall, Warner Bros. Discovery’s director of communications, Han McBride, tells Se og Hør that the television company wants to produce as much quality television as possible in this country — no matter what channel it makes.

The atmosphere of cooperation between the channels is generally very good. We want our “employees” to do things they think are fun, and that profiles primarily linked to other channels are also able to have on-screen fun on TVNorge and Discover+.

No thank you: Herman Flesvig got a surprise right before Gullruten – he didn’t hold it for long. Video: The red carpet
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She asserts that ALMS, considered by many to be one of the biggest profiles on the channel, is a work force of maximum capacity.

– He’s already given about 100 episodes for us this year, which is a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot. Locking yourself in other time-consuming production work is simply not possible. But we do evaluations in every instance when we receive requests, sometimes a like and sometimes not, says McBride.

TV 2: – Welcome to call

TV 2’s director of programs, Katherine Haldorsen, is discreet to see and hear if they’ve featured Alma’s stature in one or more of their real-life concepts.

“We don’t want to comment on who’s been casting or offered to take part in different shows on TV 2, but for various reasons it doesn’t end up in the final cast, says Halldorsen.

Surprise: There was a good atmosphere when Emily Inger Mehl was visited by two of her acquaintances in the live broadcast before Gullruten. Video: The red carpet
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She adds that they rarely encounter problems when trying to select participants from competing channels.

– We are testing this as non-problematic.

Does it often happen that you refuse your profiles to participate in programs such as the celebrity version of “71 Degrees North”?

– As long as it fits in with the mission of the other TV 2 profile, we try to be flexible to make it happen, says Halldorsen, who also takes the opportunity to “court the ‘new’ star over the new”, who of course admits that he would have liked to do ‘Company Lauritzen’.

– We’d like to see Jon Almaas in this production, and he’s very welcome to call me at any time – and then we’ll have a conversation, she tells Se og Hør.

Knight: “I had to bring a great man when I came in the Queen’s costume.” Video: The red carpet
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Give up the “flu dream”

And so Jon Almas was nominated for this year’s Entertainer Award – and won it. And on the red carpet just before the awards ceremony, he noted that it was a long time ago.

– This isn’t the first time I’ve been on the Golden Road, but it’s been a long time since now. I was nominated, and I probably won a Gullruten in 2001 and another in 2011. And then I was nominated again this year, it’s a whole lifetime we’re talking about here – a whole life.

Satisfied: Comedian and actor Hermann Fliswig won the Audience Award at this year’s Gullroten
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Almis became really famous with the NRK show “Nytt på Nytt”, which he led for several years – a whole 17 years. But in 2016, he announced a move to Discovery, and perhaps a more secluded existence.

– How is that?

– I’m fine, I am. I had a great time at NRK and am a fan of ‘everything on time’. The new everyday life fits perfectly into my life now, that is, to set up seasonal programs in this way. I’m still an active presenter and presenters are a “dying” race. Now “everyone” will be influential. But I gave up being an influencer and would rather be a good old-fashioned presenter for the 25th year or whatever, he told Se og Hør.

a joke: John Almas and Eric Volstad built houses, but they had to overcome some obstacles on the way. Video: Red Carpet / Discovery +
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