John Oygarden: – Opens up about the diagnosis

John Oygarden: – Opens up about the diagnosis

John Oygarden (50) has taken over. TV audience by storm Through his many roles over the years, including the success of NRK “Exit”. Now, however, he is closely related to a new TV show, this time himself.

With TVNorge “Across the Atlantic” you can see a new side of the actor who has been sailing across the Atlantic with a host of other famous faces.

On Saturday’s episode of “Good night Norway,” this very experience becomes the subject, but Øigarden is also opening up about something else personal, according to TV 2.

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After a question from host Dorthe Skappel (58) about the diagnosis of Tourette’s syndrome, Øigarden chose to talk about his experience with her.

according to Health Norway Tourette’s syndrome is a condition with frequent tics. Tics are an involuntary, sudden, rapid, repetitive, non-rhythmic movement or sound.

Revenge: Jon Øigarden’s character, Jeppe is not happy when he comes home and breaks up his wife for being unfaithful at the premiere of ‘Exit’. Video: Red Carpet / NRK
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The actor assures that he has a light turret, and that it is not always visible to people around him.

– I have a mild degree of it. Trembling, moving, slightly pulling on the shoulder. It is somewhat different, what is for something. He explains to the host: I have a terribly small stone in my shoe, compared to others who already have a problem with it.

Furthermore, the “Exit” star says that a diagnosis can affect how he experiences things, such as entering a room with several people. He also found it easy to get hold of the details, according to TV 2.

– But I look at it as a nice thing, he says.

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For Dagbladet, he emphasized, as for Skappel, there are people who suffer from Tourettes to a much greater degree than him, as they are both socially and practically affected.

People experience it differently and to different degrees. It has made it a positive thing for me, he says.

Øigarden thinks it’s good that there is more talk today about such diagnoses, and he believes it has contributed to making them more acceptable today to be different from one another.

Tease In School

Øigarden Also talk about the situation When he visited the podcast «Stormcast with Valebrokk & Stordalen»Led by Per Valebrokk (49) and Peter Stordalen (58), earlier this year.

Oegaarden remembered when he was a student and had to deal with other children’s comments about his tics.

Open: On tonight’s episode of “An night at Kloppen,” TV and actor Håvard Lilleheie reveals that he has ADHD as an adult. Photo: TV 2
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– She got a little annoyed at school: “Why are you doing that?” and “Why are you sitting like this?” He called me “Blue Knees” because I hit both knees. I had to – couldn’t stop. You get signals from the brain to do things, and if you do that, it creates a certain calm. So, you have to do those tics, or they keep going.

However, the “Exit” star believed that the syndrome gave him so much as an actor, and that at one point he thought he should use it to his advantage.


Norwegian artist Tex, who represented Norway during this year’s Eurovision Song Contest final, has also spoken out – also the inspiration behind the artist’s name.

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Andreas Hochland, who is his real name, decided to be open and honest about the diagnosis earlier this year — and everything. This resulted in a huge tribute inside and out.

Throwing the mask: Eurovision blogger and expert admired the Norwegian artist’s fist during the Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals. Andreas “Tex” Hokland earned a place in the finals. Video: NRK. Elias Cr. Saturn Petersen / Dagbladet
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In both the semi-finals and finals, he took off his sunglasses and showed his tics. The message in the last song “Fallen Angel”, about feeling incompetent, undoubtedly touched people’s hearts.

During “P3Gull” last fall, it was a tearful TIX who performed “Tusen tårer.” He can then say that It wasn’t always easy to be themselves.

– When I went to school, it was very difficult for me to have OCD and Tourette’s with tics. Then he said frankly at the time, it’s not easy to get along.

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