Johnny Depp, Amber Heard | Celebrities speak for the first time: – Johnny Depp is a huge narcissist

Most celebrities declined to comment on the highly publicized trial between Johnny Depp (58) and Amber Heard (36).

Most people are probably afraid to face the opposition of fans and fans the same way he does Drew Barrymore outlived her having been parodied by the drama at the trial.

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Now, however, he is nearing the end of the long-running feud between the former Hollywood couple, and with it, several celebrities have taken to the magazine by the mouth and mentioned who they support, before the jury verdict.

Get the sticks from the stage

Among the majority cast of “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor Depp, we have first and foremost comedian Chris Rock (57) – who has recently been much the same in the media after He got a nod from fellow actor Will Smith, 53, to make fun of his wife during the Academy Awards earlier this year.

Last week, Rock took the opportunity to comment on the trial on his ongoing “Ego Death” world tour, where he faced Amber Heard who allegedly pooped in Depp’s bed.

He believes in all women, believes in all women. Apart from Amber Heard, Rock said from the stage and continued to believe Depp’s accusations:

– What the hell is she wearing? She shits in bed! He joked from the stage that she’s fine, but she doesn’t shit well.

Custom posts on Instagram

French actress Eva Green, 41, is also among the many celebrities who are now speaking out about the trial and showing their support for Depp, according to Sixth page. In 2012, Green starred in the movie “Dark Shadows” with Depp, and he should have only good words to say about him.

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And the fellow artist, Thursday, moved to social networking sites, where she dedicated a post to Deeb related to the ongoing trial.

“I have no doubt that Johnny will show his good name and wonderful heart to the world. Life will be better than ever for him and his family »the 41-year-old writes on Instagram.

During the afternoon, the post received more than 200,000 likes, and a group of fans showed support in the comment field.

hard to hear

Media profile Joe Rogan, 54, and model and celebrity daughter Ireland Baldwin, 26, are among those who also chose to stand behind Depp in the lawsuit against the ex-wife.

The former described Heard as a “crazy lady” and claimed her claims were not true, on the popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience”. There, Rogan has stated that he is also following the trial.

“I view this trial as a cautionary tale one must believe nonsense that forms a story in your head that says, ‘We are rebellious together,'” he told his millions of listeners according to Sixth page.

The daughter of Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin, Ireland, was also said to have criticized “Aquaman” actor Heard.

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She must according to Sixth pageHeard was described as a terrible person in an Instagram story she shared in April.

– The thing is, I know women like this. They are manipulative and cold, using their femininity to play the victim and turn the world against the man. I wrote according to the website, we live in a society where it’s cool to say that guys are the very worst, and such and such.

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loose fires in deep

However, not many celebrities have stood up to Amber Heard’s defense.

Radio presenter Howard Stern, 68, is among the few who have shown support for the 36-year-old, and has accused Depp of deliberately pushing the trial further and further into the spotlight.

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On air, Stern on the “SiriusXM” radio show accused Depp of deliberately using the trial for pity and re-introducing himself as an actor, after he himself claimed the cancellation of his ex-wife’s defamation against him in the acting industry.

“I think Johnny Depp is a huge narcissist, and what I mean by that is that he thought, ‘I want to get this experience on TV, and because I’m so persuasive and so smart, I’m a great beacon,” Stern said on air.

– If he’s not acting, I mean, he’s obviously acting, because he’s writing the material while he’s sitting there talking. You know I have to tell you he’s wrong. Stern added that this should not be shown on television in any way.

Heard’s witnesses

Actress Elaine Barkin (68) is also one of those who support Heard and who have shown their support in the most important places, namely in court.

In a pre-recorded video, the fifth week of the trial, Parkin testified against Depp and told about her anger and behavior control issues. She previously alleged that Depp abused her when they dated in 1994.

In court, Parkin said she was always aware of Depp’s alcohol consumption while the two were dating.

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– She said in court that he was drunk most of the time.

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When asked if Depp was getting out of hand, Parkin reported a tragic incident in which she claimed Depp threw a bottle of wine through a hotel room in a discussion with a couple of friends.

According to Parkin, the bottle was thrown in her direction, but it did not hurt Parkin or anyone else.

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However, Depp denied Parkin’s accusations and justified that she holds grudges from the 1990s.

Actress Julia Fox is also said to have questioned Depp’s accusations against Heard by saying on Instagram that Depp still loves her and that the lawsuit is a “sick” way of trying to control her.

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