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Ishockeykaptein Jonas Holøs

– That’s where I grew up. There’s a lot of emotion in this, Holos tells NRK, and it’s right to move home with the family.

The 34-year-old has been considering another year abroad for a long time, but believes the time is right to join Sparta club Sarpsborg once again.

– They’ve had a very good season, and that’s something I want to be a part of. I hope I can take them to the next step.

National team captain Jonas Holos feels he has done his part in Europe. Now he returns to his home in Sparta.

Photo: Anders Engeland/NRK

He grew up a stone’s throw from his home land now. Sarbingen previously played nearly 150 games for the Blues and Whites of Ostfold.

– These are just good memories from last time. You’ve always had a club and walked around with you, meeting up with your friends to play. It feels good, Holos says.

He comes from the German city of Cologne Hai and was a captain of the Norwegian national team for a number of years. He has now signed a three-year contract.

It will end in Norway

According to his future coach, Holos’ entry into the Norwegian hockey game would elevate the sports product.

He will be an important player who can drive in his routine, says Sparta Sjore coach Robert Nielsen.

Sparta Sjore coach Robert Nielsen in front of a wall at the Sparta Coliseum.

Sparta Sjore coach Robert Nielsen.

Photo: Karina Johansen/NTB

The Sarpings finished third this season, carrying the Stavanger Oilers in seven of their seven qualifying matches.

The new signing of the Sparta coach could help elevate the club to the next level.

– We need Jonas to recover interest. He has played in all the world leagues, and could be important to the youth of the club.

Holos is one of eight Norwegians to try their hand at the National Hockey League, but they also have matches from the KHL and SHL. The last time he played in Norway was 14 years ago.

“Norwegian hockey is clearly not as good a league as it used to be, but there are many good players and good teams,” says Holos.

Jonas Hollows, fracture injuries

In mid-April, Jonas Holos sustained a broken hand. Now he is not sure about the World Cup.

Photo: Tobias Brosch Simonsen/NRK

You must listen to the doctors

The national team captain recently returned to the ice with a flag on his chest after knee surgery and a long-term fracture injury.

In mid-April, he fractured his hand. The medical staff recommends a six-week rest period, after which it begins to look dark for the World Cup in Finland in May.

I should listen a little to what the doctors have to say. The feeling in the hand is very good, but I don’t know how good it will be in a couple of weeks, says the 34-year-old.

This weekend, Norway meets its neighbor Denmark.

“I can’t play that game at least, but I can keep my skating in shape,” says Hulus.

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