Jonas Jar Sture, Emily Inger Mel

Jonas Jar Sture, Emily Inger Mel

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The Kripos Report makes serious allegations about failures to prosecute accomplices in honor killings.

The latest report from Kripos reveals a shocking truth: those complicit in honor killings go unpunished. From 2000 to 2022, at least 24 honor killings may have been committed or ordered in Norway.

This is a frightening reminder of a hidden tragedy that threatens society's values ​​and security.

Sarah Golin

Sarah Golin is Managing Director at Equality, Integration and Diversity (LIM). Originally from Iran, she came to Norway when she was seven years old and grew up on Sondre Nordstrand in Oslo. She studied Economics and Business Law at BI Nydalen and is involved with the Labor Party.

Integration doesn't work

The Kripos report notes that long residence or a connection to working life does not reduce the risk of honor killings. Perpetrators often have a background from other countries, and their average length of stay in Norway is 15 years.

This shows that integration alone is not enough to prevent these atrocities.

Helpers are not being prosecuted

Among the report's most shocking findings is that aides were not prosecuted. This reflects a serious failure in our justice system, which often seems to fail the most vulnerable in society.

How can so many accomplices be released?

We can no longer turn a blind eye to this hidden tragedy. It is time for action, both by the authorities and society as a whole, to ensure that honor killings are never accepted or tolerated.

The integrity of the legal system is at stake

The Kripos Report raises serious questions about trust in our legal system. It is alleged that perpetrators and their accomplices often escape punishment, undermining confidence in police, prosecutors and the courts. If the law is not applied equally to everyone, the basic principles of the rule of law will be weakened, and we risk losing confidence in justice.

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The Attorney General must act

The allegations in the report are alarming and we need clarity. Are the accomplices in the murder really released?

I personally have good experiences with the police and the prosecution, but the content of the report must be scrutinized at the highest levels. The Attorney General must intervene and give us the answer.

External audit and research is required

The Kripos report is causing major unrest and raises serious questions about the rule of law in Norway. In order to maintain high standards and trust in our institutions, an independent investigation and thorough research into the content of the report is required. Only external and independent actors can provide the necessary objectivity to ensure a comprehensive and fair review.

Society has a right to know that the institutions that protect our legal certainty operate with the highest possible integrity and professionalism. An external investigation will help restore and strengthen this confidence.

It is important to assess the competence of those behind the report, especially within the police and prosecutorial authorities.

The government must act

The report's findings constitute a clear call to the government: to act immediately to strengthen the prosecution of those complicit in honor killings. We cannot tolerate these heinous acts that go unpunished.

The government must prioritize resources and implement concrete measures to combat honor killings and protect those living under honor cultures. They have been overlooked for a long time, but they are the most vulnerable in our society.

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The indicator is set to identify honor killings

Although measurable indicators are useful in risk mapping, it is important to be aware of their limitations. In my experience, similar surveys exist, but we must avoid blind spots based on these indicators. Murders rarely follow a specific pattern or clue.

Need for increased awareness and measures

Combating violence and honor-related killings requires a multifaceted approach:

1. Education and knowledge: It is necessary to increase awareness of honor-related violence among professionals and in society in general. Educational institutions, health services and police must be better equipped to recognize and deal with such cases.

2. Support systems: Access to safe support mechanisms for potential victims, including shelters and counseling services, must be strengthened.

3. Law enforcement: Effective legal action and tougher penalties for those who commit or facilitate honor killings must be a priority.

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