Joost Klein is the biggest Eurovision artist on Spotify with “Europapa”

Joost Klein is the biggest Eurovision artist on Spotify with “Europapa”

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The disqualified Dutchman's “Europapa” dropped the winning song a day later.

How far the Netherlands will get in the Eurovision Song Contest final on Saturday, we will never know.

However, it is certain that the popularity of their artist Joost Klein and the contribution of “Europapa” is by no means on the way back.

On Sunday, the song had been played exactly three million times Spotify globally.

The winning song from Switzerland – “The Code” by Nemo – received 3.58 million plays on the same day, having secured the win.

Monday's numbers are now available: there, “Europapa” rises to 3.29 million, while “The Code” falls to 3.24 million.

Jost Klein remains out of the public eye after the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) chose to exclude him from the ESC final.

This happened after an episode in which Klein was said to have behaved in a threatening manner towards a Swedish photographer.

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– Misfit

Swedish police said on Monday that there would likely be charges against the artist. Subsequently, the EBU updated its data press release From Saturday about the episode.

– The account of events described in some public statements and on social media does not match the statements that employees and witnesses have shared with us and with the Swedish Police, writes EBU.

Toby Eck, Eurovision expert at Aftonbladet, believes the EBU has gone too far in rejecting Dutch broadcaster Avrotros's account of what happened to Klein.

– The only ones who provided a direct description of the incident in public statements and social media were specifically the Avrotros TV channel and its managing director, Ek notes in his report. Blog.

Avrotros believes that Klein has given notice that he will not be photographed in the artists' private area.

– This was not respected. This led to a threatening movement from Jost towards the camera. The TV channel wrote that Ghost did not touch the photographer XI think the punishment was very severe.

– We're sorry

The European Broadcasting Union has also addressed other undesirable behavior in the Eurovision scene.

– We regret that some delegations at the ESC in Malmö did not respect the rules and spirit of the competition both on site and during the broadcast, they write in a statement to Irish Independent.

Now the EBU is promising a wash, but is not naming individual countries.

Irish artist Bambi Thug has been among the most vocal critics of Israel's participation in this year's Eurovision contest.

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Also deciding are the finalists in a huge venue in Gåte.

in Aftenposten interview Which is widely circulated internationally, and says that the band's Eurovision experience was that they were used in a propaganda machine.

– It seemed as if there was one set of rules for Israel, and another for the rest. Something is wrong when you encounter it. Artists will not have to hold a crisis meeting with the EBU, says guitarist Magnus Bormark there.

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