Joron Stiansen and Alejandro Fuentes lift the veil on participation:

Joron Stiansen and Alejandro Fuentes lift the veil on participation:

Last Thursday, the stage was set for the first concert of the year, “The 71°N Team,” there Joron Stiansen (39) And Alejandro Fuentes (35) is one difference.

In front of Se og Hør, they opened up about their friendship and why they think they are the “underdog” of the season.

– It would have been murder

The duo has known each other for a long time. They first became famous through their participation in ‘Idol’ in 2005.

– When it comes to dealing with stressful situations regarding performing on stage, we’ve been there before and helped each other out, as well as cried on each other’s shoulders, Fuentes said, adding:

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– I’m glad it was Jorun, because we know each other so well and I know she’ll do it no matter what.

Stiansen also made no secret that she was thrilled to have Fuentes as her partner on the reality show.

– I like a little Liming. Stiansen admitted and laughed if I had someone who was the opposite of Alejandro, and who was in my face the whole time, there would have been a murder in ’71 this year.

– We are weak

Stiansen and Fuentes quickly decided to name their team “The Hobbit Team”. The name comes from the fact that the duo is believed to be the “underdogs” of the season.

– We are “underdogs” when it comes to maps and compass, as well as the fact that we are very small people compared to the other giants here. Fuentes admitted that Jorun is a little used to the mountains, but I’m not at all.

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-Yes, I’ve had a cabin in Hovden for 39, but I go on day trips with a 15-litre backpack and have quite a few chocolate breaks between kites, while some other competitors were born in the woods, and Another went to the dead zone.

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However, the duo stressed that there is nothing wrong with being “underdogs”.

Being an “underdog” isn’t wrong. It could very well hopefully surprise people.

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