Joron Stiansen: – I’m not a requirement

Joron Stiansen: - I'm not a requirement

It’s no secret that artist and TV profiler Joron Stansen (38) is interested in interior designs. On Instagram, she diligently shared her renovations, after she did it Two years ago, an old 90’s apartment was renovated in the center of Grimstad.

She did it with her partner Egil Furre (43 years old). in large parts of In 2022, the couple was looking for a new place to live.

She was able to tell Dagbladet this in February, but Stiansen can now say they haven’t found their dream home yet.

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fishing house

Stansen told Dagbladet that they wanted more space, and that they were looking for a house in the center of Grimstad – where the current apartment is located.

We are looking for accommodation, but we can’t find anything. We cannot find a house in Grimstad, or land to build on, but we are looking for a house. But when the right person shows up, she says excitedly.

The 38-year-old claims she’s not too demanding – before listing a number of requirements she wants for her next home.

– I’m not a requirement, as long as I have two guest rooms and a very guest room for a couple of friends. If it was near the sea, it would be absolutely beautiful, so it is a small standard.

Otherwise, it shouldn’t be too big, not too small, and preferably a little patch of garden that’s sunny all day, to walk around in.

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– mad

Stiansen says she mostly tracks down all the housing and plots that get put down all the time, right now without a sucker.

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– Always! With both Finn notices and everything, I have to keep going.

Like the current apartment, she says it’s not too far-fetched to think there’s going to be some renovation in the next home.

– I’m going to renovate like this, you know. It’s almost a crazy house, but I love it. Interiors is a hobby for me, so if I have to redecorate it a bit, I don’t care.

– If we talked together in 2037, I would probably have finished at last, you laugh in conclusion.

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