Journalist on TV 2’s Tosca selection: – Tasteless – VG

Journalist on TV 2's Tosca selection: - Tasteless - VG
Tosca In Studio: TV2, along with David Tosca (right) host Finn Knott and chess commentator Heidi Ronid, aired the magazine photo on Sunday.

Journalist ethics expert Drive As Olson believes that TV2 should provide a good reason why Nokas chose pirate David Tosca as its chess expert.


Trickway As Olson, a talented journalist. He believes the Norwegian people have a right to a proper explanation for why TV2 chose Tosca.

– Beware it does not affect or break any points on the poster. But this is TV 2’s tasteless and I disagree with the editorial choice, says Olsen to VG.

The press ethics expert believes that this election leaves doubt that TV 2 is guessing at Tosca’s business value.

Press Protocols: Drive as Olson in the field of journalism during a press conference in 2019.

– If TV 2 chooses Tosca to gain more viewers by keeping a “bad reputation” as a chess expert, then TV 2 is not the right reason to guess Tosca’s business value. But only TV2 can answer that. They need to explain why they chose Tosca and have a good answer. I think TV2 wants the best as an expert, is there anyone more capable than Tosca? As Olson asks.

VG commentator Leif Welhaven on the matter: Tired!

On Sunday, it was announced that the former Nokas robber will be a chess expert on TV2. One year after the 2004 robbery, Tosca was arrested in Spain. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison, one of the most severe in the Norwegian judiciary. But it was released in 2018 after 13 years of service. Then on Sunday it became known The sponsor for the chess tournament withdrew.

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Gunnar Bodal-Johansson, 72, is an expert in journalism ethics and has previously worked in journalism. He believes Tosca should be allowed to be a chess expert on TV2.

– I think he has served his sentence and has completed his sentence. We have the rule of law demanded by the people who have created themselves to be the rule of law. He will return to the community and live a normal life. His comments on chess competition should be acceptable. But people react, and I understand that it’s natural. Podal-Johansson tells Vijay that what Tosca did was serious and that he received severe punishment.

– What do you think about Tosca choosing TV2, and many more playing chess in Norway?

– TV2 has to respond to that, they are the ones who called him. Now that he’s talking about chess, Bodal-Johansson replies that it is not a matter of being punished and involved.

TV2 Manager: Waggard Johnson Hagen.

Sports teacher Vegard Jansen Hagen explained on TV 2 on Sunday V.G. The 46-year-old offender was chosen as the studio guest.

– There are currently some broadcasts as a guest under Tata Steel, so both the placement and the TV profile still have a long way to go. David Tosca is with us for the first time on Monday, after which we will see what the future holds, Johnson Hagen said.

– Tosca is confident that he will come up with the knowledge and commitment he has in chess. The TV2 boss then said that he could undoubtedly contribute to something positive, adding that he would disagree on the election:

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– We must be prepared and respectful that not everyone thinks the same about this.

Policeman shot during Nogas robbery: – Headless glory

Atle Grønn, a chess expert for many years, believes that David Tosca’s own talent is irrelevant when discussing whether or not to sit in a TV studio as a chess expert. But he is considering Chess player David Tosca was ranked the nation’s top 500 in the sport.

– Then you can play a lot of chess, but 499 are better than you. In NM you will be in third or fourth grade. You can not fight to become the Norwegian champion. In cross-country skiing, it would have been slightly above the Birkbeiner level, Grønn explains to VG.

– Do you think this reduces the role of expertise in chess?

– I’m not worried about the insecure title of chess expert, Crohn smiles.

His colleague Hans Olav Lahlum, who used TV 2 during the Tata Steel competition, did not comment on Toska’s new role.

– I told you about this, I told TV2. For me, Lahl says it’s weird to say this in public when I’m sitting in the studio under Tata Steel.

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