Judge Admits Wrong After Godset Canceled – VG

Judge Admits Wrong After Godset Canceled - VG

(Aalesund – Strømsgodset 1-0) Sigurd Haugen won the Aalesund match. After that, it was all about the judge’s cancellation of finding Strømsgodset online.


The referee admits to VG that registration should never be cancelled.

The real estate camp was furious with the referee team.

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– Embarrassing referee, Gustav Walsvik whispered to Discovery+ after the match.

It was Godast’s net knowledge late in the second half that was switched off by assistant referee Monica Bron-Luckeberg.

– “Live”, we consider that the ball passes through a player who is offside (skew) and that a Godst player should be penalized for offside if he is in an offside position. After seeing photos after the match, the goal should have been approved, referee Marius Hansen Grotta wrote in a text message to VG on Sunday evening.

Referee away: Walsvik (Godst player at the far right) is judged to be offside in this case.

It took a few seconds before it was waved, and Walswijk claimed that the assistant referee had informed one of Godst’s players that the goal had been disallowed after Bron Lukeberg saw the situation on the big screen on the field.

Hansen Grotta rejects this claim.

Who uses the big screen to make the wrong assessment? If we were allowed, we would have looked differently, Chief Justice Hansen Grotta wrote to VG.

Watch the judge’s cancellation of the case at the head of the case!

Dissatisfied: Strømsgodset players did not agree to cancel the referee’s team to find out about Walsvik online.

Strømsgodset came to Aalesund knowing that victory would send them to the place of a medal, after the Viking. But Alesund and their top scorer Sigurd Haugen wanted it differently.

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Early in the second half, Haugen stormed the field toward several Godset defenders who were unable to stop the 24-year-old’s fast. Vigar Mehra and a desperate defensive line had to watch the ball roll into the net.

It was Haugen’s seventh goal in this year’s Elite Series season.

The first big chance of the match came when Simin Bolkan Nordli handed a direct pass to Isaac Mata, who fired a fine shot at Simin Raven. The latter had plenty of time, but the end towards the half-open goal went a little to the side to score.

Haugen had many chances with Nordli and Kristoffer Barmen as managers, but it wasn’t for Tango’s top scorers.

Sleusti: Sigurd Hogen had good chances in the first half.

And so Alesund was somewhat disappointed with no goals in minutes in the locker room, but after a squad change it didn’t take long before Haugen sent the home team up front after a brilliant solo raid.

Walsvik thought he equaled the visiting team with the quarter-back returning to play, but the line referees slipped off after some deliberation.

Johann Hoff had a great opportunity before the end to equalize from close range, but it was a poor finish.

Alesund climbs to seventh – one point off Godst, ​​who is fourth.

Decisive: Sigurd Haugen scored his seventh goal in this year’s Elite Series season on Sunday.

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