Julian Snikstad: – Huge strength

Julian Snikstad: – Huge strength

Model and actress Julian Sinkistad (27) It really became popular in 2018 Like Marius Borg Hoppe’s girlfriend (25). It has since been seen, among other things, in Netflix series “home for christmas” And the Angelina Jolie movie “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil”.

In December, however, she appeared in an interview with the magazine where is she For the first time, we shared about his diagnosis.

– I’m bipolar. I was diagnosed when I was young, so I lived with my disease for many years, she told a magazine at the time.

However, this week I shared what it’s like to live with a diagnosis, me 730 his podcast.

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In the podcast, it becomes clear that Snijstad never planned to share her bipolar disorder with the newspaper, but she is very happy to do so.

– I’ve never felt better

Sneekstad was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was about 13 years old, and said in the podcast that she has grown a lot since then.

– You learn to live with it. Now I’m not taking medications, and I’ve never felt better, says the 27-year-old.

Snekkestad stresses that she does not think she would have reached where she is today without the diagnosis.

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I am 168 cm tall, and I am too short to be a model. There weren’t many at my signature who were shorter like me, but I didn’t give up. And maybe this little bipolar bit is too impulsive, she says and adds:

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– For me, it was a tremendous force and it helped get me up and forward. I don’t accept “no” for “no”.

Se og Hør has tried to contact Snekkestad, but so far to no avail.

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